Baker's Selection 5 PK Donuts for 50p @ ASDA

Baker's Selection 5 PK Donuts for 50p @ ASDA

About 49p more than they are worth. Asda donuts always seem to taste stale.
Sainsbury's has the best jam doughnuts.
Went to buy these yesterday ,then noticed that the doughnuts are now covered with Icing Sugar which I dislike ( like Morrisons) rather than caster sugar . Left them there and bought some in Tesco ( cherry flavour) instead for 65p .
Morrisons also have their doughnuts at 50p if you like the ones with icing sugar on.
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don't bother if you get them as part of a home delivery. They sit so long in crates / chilled vans / whatever else by the time they get to your door (if they weren't already stale) they're soggy on the outside and dry in the middle.
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