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FREE Sample of Bakers as good as it looks dog food
Found 13th Nov 2013Found 13th Nov 2013
Free dog food from Bakers! NEW Bakers® As Good as it Looks™ is so delicious, every dog should try it! So to help make this happen, we'd like to give you a yummy FREE SAMPLE (280g)… Read more

This is the worst food you can feed your dog. Check the additives in the ingredients!


In the back of everyones eye are rods and cones, Rods detect vision at low light levels Cones for colour in high light levels Humans have 3 sets of cones - for detecting red blue and yellow Dogs have 2 sets- for detecting blue and yellow They can see colour, but not as we do. They rely more on smell.


I have always been curious. How can you tell that a dog can see in colour and in certain spectrums since it cannot tell you itself ?


Funny seeing people talking about scraps found is a bad thing. That's still more nutritious than the junk found in too many dog foods, Bakers especially. Wild dogs used to ear meat, veg, grains and eggs and unsurprisingly its later domesticated kind (our lovely pets) thrive on similar diets as well. It doesn't mean you have to give those foods directly to the dog (although the bones and raw food diet is the best you can to a dog) but you can select the dog foods that contain such ingrediants and more importantly nothing else. When we got our bearded collie, she was fed on bakers and she was mad as a hatter and that just wasn't her puppy stage. When I moved to Skinners Duck and Rice (brown rice, duck meal, not cereals or additives or derivatives) her change in behaviour was like night and day. This is what people don't understand. They think "oh it's a just a dog it will eat anything it is given". Not realising that a dog is as sensitive to foods and substances as a human child. Much of the allergies, skin problems and digestive issues a dog gets later in life is usually down to the diet it had from a pup onwards. It also doesn't mean you have to shell out for good food. Like I said, I get Skinners Duck and Rice and for a 15KG bag it costs just £23. That bag lasts her exactly two months (approx 280g a day) and nutriionally it pees all over foods priced lower and even higher. ... sorry for the rant, but people really should be made more aware of this and not just ignorantly think "oh' it's just a dog". Like I said, the makeup of a dog is a lot more sensitive than you think.


I thought dogs can see in colour but are a bit limited?

Free Bakers Dog Food
Found 14th Oct 2013Found 14th Oct 2013
Your FREE SAMPLE! NEW Bakers® As Good as it Looks™ is so delicious, every dog should try it! So to help make this happen, we'd like to give you a yummy FREE SAMPLE (280g). Just si… Read more
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Went to Asda today with my coupon, unfortunately they're only selling the multipacks of this product, so I'll have to look elsewhere. Coupon arrived within the week though.


The wet food ingredients look good but the dry food looks awful. First ingredient is Yellow Maize, dogs don't need or want maize in their diet.


I applied for the coupon via the post as it wouldn't print out. The coupon came within a couple of days. I went to Asda in Skelmersdale last night where they had these tubs reduced to £1.00. They were in the reduced section. The coupon scanned through at £1.29 therefore giving me a free sample and an extra little saving....every little helps as they say :) happy days!


you request them to send you a coupon in the post by doing it how it says at the top. takes between 6-10 days to arrive


How can I print these without a printer?

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Free Sample of Bakers Healthy Delights (for your dog)
Found 20th Jul 2010Found 20th Jul 2010
Free Sample of Bakers Healthy Delights (for your dog) Hi there! Please enter your details and answer the questions below to register for your 125g FREE sample pack of Bakers Healt… Read more

Struggling with Firefox :(


Thank you Holly 8)


Great Find Heat Added TY


Thanks got them last so used another email address this time and it's gone through, you get a full bag and they are quite big but easy to cut in half for twice as many or if you have a smaller dog


thanks holly

Free Sample Bakers Complete Dog Food
Found 10th May 2010Found 10th May 2010
Free Sample Bakers Complete Dog Food, Just register with them and recieve free samples

got mine today dog loved them thanks


They are actually dog treats and not dog food...


Quick! Only 69,149 samples left!! Nice find

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Bakers Complete-Healthy Delights dog treats
Found 14th Apr 2010Found 14th Apr 2010
Please enter your details and answer the questions below to register for your 125g FREE sample pack of Bakers Healthy Delights.

cheers my dogs will be having treats... :)


Thanks. Hot :)


thanks for that :)


any dog owners had probs with their dogs? sis has shih tzus - one had constant stomach probs - first thing vet asked was what food is she on - bakers - vet said so many additives - especially colourants in bakers can cause probs - she changed food - no probs she doesnt want this freebie:oops:


Thanks - heat and rep added