Bakerstone pizza oven box (12 inch pizza) £49.99 delivered /  £39.99 (new customers) @ Groupon

Bakerstone pizza oven box (12 inch pizza) £49.99 delivered / £39.99 (new customers) @ Groupon

Found 2nd Aug 2016
Bakerstone pizza oven box (for up to 12 inch pizza) for only £39.99 for first time grouping users (use code WELCOME). Otherwise £49.99 (still a bargain)

Heads up-
Best Authentic Naples pizza flour is called Caputo 00 tipo & Best Pizza sauce is from San Marzano d.o.p Tomatoes
both can be bought from Ebay seller called

many of us have been using them for awhile now and there great on the g3 ferrari ovens or real pizza ovens Plus they offer the flour in smaller quantities
- BoGoF
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Thanks OP, tempted....anyone have one these already?
Is it large enough to cremate Jamie Oliver?
Not sure if the pizza would taste any different to just using a pizza stone in a conventional oven. Does anyone have an opinion on this?
If they allow you to buy it go ahead....I ordered 2 of these and they auto refunded me saying they were out of stock both times.
I eventually bought one from house of Fraser- it works well on charcoal as long as you can get it hot enough (oven needs to be 300C+). I think it would work better/easier on a gas grill.
I bought one the last time and they are great. I have a gas BBQ and need to run it about 15 minutes before the oven is hot enough but the pizza's are great. Try the morrisons "oo" flour to make the dough.
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