baking recipe collection by Sainsbury's BOGOF 5P!

baking recipe collection by Sainsbury's BOGOF 5P!

LocalFound 16th Jul 2011
This book is usually £5.00 but had a sticker on saying BUY1 GET 1 FREE or buy for £0.05 on a few books, went to the checkout and they had to honour the deal, so got two for 5p! Maybe store specific, but im sure these stickers were not printed instore.
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Bargain. Off to Sainsburys later will def have a look!
They had to honor the deal? Err no, They don't!
No, they don't but to be honest when its attached to the item and not just a shelf tag, they know its their mistake and Sainsburys are usually good sports with that kind of thing.
If there's more than one item priced like that then they have to honour the price!
Someone (probably instore) will have made a mistake with the sticker machine. Doubtful you'll find this elsewhere, unless the same mistake has been made in other stores.
"If there's more than one item priced like that then they have to honour the price!"

Who told you that? It is complete nonsense. They could put the price on 1 item, 2 items or a dozen items and it still wouldn't change the fact that they are not required to honour the price. When goods are priced up it is defined as an 'invitation to treat'. In simple terms this means that they are giving a price at which they would be prepared to sell an item for, the consumer is then saying, yes I see your price and I am prepared to pay that price. At this stage the retailer can change their mind and decide to not sell the item at that price or at all.
They don't have to honour the price the items can be removed from sale for 24 hours, however as a gesture of goodwill they might ;-) (if you kick up a fuss)

Shelf tag item incorrectly priced at Tesco last month. So, picked several wrongly priced items up (which I wanted anyway). Went through the till....full price charged.

Went to CServices, took her to the incorrectly marked item........she had to honour it

I got £36 back from Tesco. This happened last month.

Before you go through the till, they don't have to honour it, once you have gone through....they have sold it to you and have to honour it

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bought the book pictured in the OP along with another a few months back for £5.00 on a BOGOF deal.
Just to clear things up if the item has not actually been bought, then you have therefore not entered into a contract with the retailer and they can change the price to whatever they like and there is nothing that can be done about that. However some retailers do like to sometimes honour it but can depend on how much and just whether or not they are in a good mood unfortunately. They no longer have to withdraw stock from sale for 24 hours.
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