Balance Band - (£9.99 - £29.99 @ Ideal Home Show) - Only £1 Instore @ Poundland

Balance Band - (£9.99 - £29.99 @ Ideal Home Show) - Only £1 Instore @ Poundland

Found 8th Apr 2011
To all those that went to the ideal home show and saw these energy bands being sold that are suppose to help you with your balance etc i have just seen these in poundland!!!
I am shocked because there was severel stands selling these between £9.99 and the dearest was £29.99! which they even knocked down to £20 to try and get us to buy one!!


ideal to wear when playing your 3ds

£1 too expensive...

Oh dear, there are several born every minute...

Cold, £1 for a rubber bracelet is not a bargain

Original Poster

I know but just showing it compared to Ideal home show price!

"It works by using holograms to boost the body's energy flow and boost strength, balance and flexibility."

How about you just send the £1 to me, and I'll use my special magical powers to cast a super-happiness spell on you.

"Now with even more snake oil - a steal at this price"

I glanced at these in poundland, I actually thought it was those rubber strap digital watches they were selling a while might well be all the faulty returned ones repacked without the watch part. oO

The only power these hold is the placebo effect.

I almost fell over when I saw the price for these bracelets - thankfully I was wearing one I had got earlier from a Lucky Bag so I quickly regained my balance. Be advised these things are worth their weight in rubber.
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