Balance bike £12 @ Sainsbury's

Balance bike £12 @ Sainsbury's

LocalFound 5th Nov 2015
Seen these balance bikes priced at £12 in Sainsburys Castle Vale.
Cheaper than when posted last week.
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Possibly national? Was when posted before.
Bought one about a year ago for the little lads birthday. He's now three and a half and it's lasted well for the money. The one we have is red with black handles, however it's now starting to show signs of wear, but for £12-£14 (I think that's what I paid), then lasted well as it gets abuse!
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Bought a balance bike for my boy when he was around 18 months old. I put no pressure on him to use it ever; indeed it took him a few months before he wanted to try it out, and that was just fine. I bought him a 2 wheeled bike when he was 3 with stabilisers, and a ridgeback big boys bike w/o stabilisers for Xmas when he was 4, and have never needed to teach him to ride a bike. He was just off and away, first time, both times he upgraded. I completely blame his time on the balance bike for developing his innate abilite to understand and accept 2-wheeled balance.

I would thoroughly recommend a balance bike to any parent.
Got our first son a chillafish bunzi when he was about 18 months, he loved it straight away and ment he could keep up when out walking.
Before he was 2 we got him a proper balance bike from decathlon, the b'twin run ride. He goes along at a pace ( jogging pace), pull's the brake to skid and holds his legs up to coast along. He is 2 1/2 at xmas time.
I find it makes taking him out alot easier because he can keep up and we dont have to use a push chair with him.

Also highly recommend a balance bike for your child.
Just got one for my little girl for Christmas. Thanks for posting.

Just got one for my little girl for Christmas. Thanks for posting.

No problem happy to help
Hope your little one enjoys it.
They have lots of these in Newbury Park for £12
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