Baldurs gate 1, 2 and Icewind dale all £4.99 each on android

Baldurs gate 1, 2 and Icewind dale all £4.99 each on android

Found 13th Oct 2017Edited by:"deepmenace"
Cheapest these have ever been I think.

Amazing, deep old skill RPG on the move.

Icewind is weaker than both BG imho.
As with most ported android games watch out for compatibility. Read the comments in the play store. None of them with play nice with your 4" Alcatel.
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Still too rich for my blood (I personally think anyone selling a game for £10 for mobile is off their rocker!).

For those who are interested in these types of games (which you should) I would also recommend 'Avernum - Escape From the Pit'. It was taken down from the Play store but you should be able to get it from 'alternative means'.
These are absolutely massive games - real, immersive games as opposed to games where you hop up a platform to collect daffodils.

£5 seems a good deal to me!
Gaahhhh, I've been waiting ages for these 2 to go down, and i missed it!! Why wasn't this posted in the games section!!

(Most annoyed, but will get over it).
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