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ASUS DUAL rx580. Graphics card £150 @ Ballicom
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Seems to be the cheapest around. Retailer gets average to good reports... Anyone have any experience with them? I know you can overclock a 570 to similar speeds but this is about … Read more
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Should say here that it`s a 4GB version.


Used to love my old Media Centre PC, great idea ahead of its time, though bad timing as Sky+ Box's came out shortly after. Used to be able to put my sky through it and do all the record, series link,pause live tv etc etc and straight to HDD, which you could remove and plug direct into any telly and play from the drive. Remember it even had that Lightscribe drive letting you burn a grey scale image onto a disk. Even sweeter when it was in the time of the Government Scheme you could get through most work places getting a discount and then paying for it through salary sacrifice, which off course they messed up since an "accessory" also happen to be an iPOD at the time lol.


Using a EVGA 600W1 (Supporting 49A on a single +12V rail) with my RX 580 8GB. Not to boast but errr. (it came with a little bit of white tape over the opening lol).


y you're welcome. fan-less are for media centre PCs (remember those?) more important is 12V Amps than total PSU Watts. Find out how many Amps your card draws peak then add 10-20% for headroom/startup load.


Can't speak for this GPU specifically but I have bought some previously from Ballicom and had no issues whatsoever. Return was a doddle as well.

XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 8gb - £238.80 @ Ballicom
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Cheapest i could find.
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:)) if you are not happy doesn't mean all miners aren't. I can tell you for sure who is for long enough in this thing will tell you that even now we make nice profit from rigs. Marketing and all other bulls*** are to scare and remove new newbies like you from this branch. Like always fewer miners better price. Nice price for this card but still nitro plus will rule over all rx580 in terms of thermo and efficency. P.S a ROI now is back to 1,5 /1 month depends on how much time you spend on research;) now do the math and tell me who is not happy that after max 2 month you are gaining profit. Enough with disclosure... we need more people like you to keep newbies away:d so kids listen to this guy...dont start mining...we are not happy :))


Bitcoin is still 80% above from last year.


Let them eat digital cake.


FYI guys ... the Miners are not happy .. Crypto currency have dropped to 80% of what it was at start of year.. miners are unimpressed.



Surface Go Keyboard (Cheapest I could find) £78.00 @ Ballicom
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
If you have bought a Surface go then you really owe yourself a keyboard as well - this was the cheapest I could find!

£76.98 for this now


I have used them in the past - good company and great price. Heat added. I am still looking for the blue one though!


I've never used ballicom. Did these arrive ok ?


Just ordered a Surface Go 8Gb and platinum keyboard from Very. If you take their 0% interest for 6 month offer you get £100 off. If you order the black keyboard it is in effect free.


Yep good price. Not seen it for much less than RRP anywhere else.

ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB DUAL OC White - £323.99 @ Ballicom
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB DUAL OC White - £323.99 @ Ballicom
Decent price for GTX1070
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They are good and accepted return of a £900 VGA after I opened it.


Just received an email saying there’s 1 more in stock at promo price


Got an in stock alert: £487.14 inc VAT RRP: £456.00 inc VAT Ouch


Got my shipping confirmation today, order placed Saturday. Thanks OP


I play Fortnite on ultra ( tweaked) with an Asus Strix GTX960. Has no issues

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Turbo OC 8G graphics card @ Ballicom - £419.99
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Turbo OC 8G graphics card @ Ballicom - £419.99
Been looking for a good deal on a 1070 ti for ages and seen this almost as as good! Details: Turbo Fan Cooling System GIGABYTE Turbo Fan Cooling System features the exclusi… Read more
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How are 1080s cheaper than 1070s at the moment? It's crazy. I've been wanting to get a second 1070 but it's held its price to what I paid a year ago, more than this, 1080!


If you're mad into VR might be best to save that cash for 9 months and wait for updates headsets and new generation cards. If headsets go 4k or even QHD even the gtx 1080Ti probably couldn't run both displays at 90fps, so maybe put some in the bank for new cards


^^I only have one 1920x1200 monitor, but i do have a 4k 43in Tv which i use for big screen in steam, and i have tried games like AC syndicate and A:Isolation(this game in 4k is just a work of art) at 4k, and apart from dropping the AA and AF and shadows down to low it ran perfectly fine, although the 970 is not really a 4k card, but it does do the job and so i am finding it hard to part with plus £400 simply to make a few VR games look a little better, but at least my wallet is happy this BF sales, as the only thing i have bought is a Star Trek BR box set. :)


I am upgrading from a well overclocked 980 , while it is fine at 1920x1200 it seems to struggle in some games, and it is especially bad when i have on 3 monitors at 1920x1200 :(


Good deal, i had this in my basket and i was hovering over the buy button but this GTX970 OC i have is making it really hard to upgrade to these cards at these prices because apart from needing a little more oomph for supersampling in the few VR games i have, it plays everything else just fine..........i know, first world problems. lol But heat anyway.

Acer Swift 3, 256gb SSD Laptop - £579.68 @ Ballicom
Found 6th Nov 2017Found 6th Nov 2017
Acer Swift 3, 256gb SSD Laptop - £579.68 @ Ballicom
Been watching this laptop for a while, best price I’ve seen in ages, Just never heard of the company selling it Product Description Acer Swift 3 SF314-51-53ZF - 14" - Core i5 … Read more
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I ordered one recently and am awaiting delivery. Looking forward to it.


Nobody shopping for a 14" semi-ultra portable, is going to buy a very heavy 2.6kg 15.6" 2" thick desk based laptop. You're also going to have to immediately upgrade the SSD on that MSI for any sort of gaming.


i know that... but im talking about value here. both are briliant choice anyway.


It's a completely different class of laptop so like comparing a Mini with a Focus.


for £20 more this is a much better value... bigger screen, much better cpu, has a actual graphics card and many more ports!

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Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 Tower Server, Pentium G4400 3.3 GHz, 8 GB RAM, no Disk £129.42 @ Ballicom
Found 20th Oct 2017Found 20th Oct 2017
Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 Tower Server, Pentium G4400 3.3 GHz, 8 GB RAM, no Disk £129.42 @ Ballicom
Barebones tower server, 6 x SATA ports on-board, 64GB Max RAM (1 x 8GB fitted), DVD reWriter, 8 x USB 3.0 (2 front, 6 rear), 1 x microphone, 1 x serial, 1 x LAN (Gigabit Ethernet),… Read more

Link now shows as a price of £275 and OOS Cheers Phill


28/10/2017 that deal has ended


Google "The Ultimate Server" I use it for THAT and because someone kept finding that Steam streaming box thing, I put Steam on it with older games (although with my GFX it handles games up to 2015ish quite well). I also use Blue Iris on it to monitor my cheaper cameras (got NVR for better cameras). Lastly I use Photoshop on it and After Effects which runs ok although takes an age to render so can't recommend it for that. My recommendation is, buy a small SSD for the OS and increase the RAM. I got a 128GB SSD and 16GB RAM with Windows Server 2016 installed on it. Boot time is around 30s so a restart for updates is never too annoying. I've also managed to put 4 hard drives on the RAID with 2 2TB mirrored for stuff I never want to lose and 2 4TB combined so 8TB there for multimedia files. I did have to buy another SATA card to be able to use the CD ROM again though as motherboard only has 5 SATA slots and I used them all with the 4 HDs and 1 SSD.


Out of interest, what do you use your Lenovo Think Server for?, or ... thanx. :-)


Not anymore ... Unfortunately. :-(

be quiet! System Power 8 500W power supply , £42.24 from ballicom
Found 3rd Oct 2017Found 3rd Oct 2017
be quiet! System Power 8 500W power supply , £42.24 from ballicom
Ignore the rrp, still cheapest atm. 500 W of continuous power and two 12 V-rails ensure rock-solid voltage stability for powerful multi-GPU systems 80PLUS certification and up … Read more

I bought one, was told the system power 8 was of inferior quality. Fitted it and it has done me proud, works great and I don't hear it.


Great PSU and deal, a shame it's not modular/semi-modular though!


Damn, I needed this deal at the weekend!! Hot


I have a psu I stripped out of an old dell tower in my "entertainment" pc. Even during extended periods of stress its impossible to hear. I think I'll stick with that for the minute. This looks a good deal though.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC GAMING (Black Edition) £660.68 at  Ballicom
Found 22nd Sep 2017Found 22nd Sep 2017
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC GAMING (Black Edition) £660.68 at Ballicom
Seems a lot cheaper than its price equivalent, plus its SC.....

Price is up to £686, and I managed to buy this from Very yesterday at £609, special deal with £100 off, but they sold out in 24hrs. Glad I got mine when I did, and it comes with Destiny 2


3930K and 1080Ti says "7% bottlenecked". Don't even know how you can be a "%" bottlenecked. It's either bottlenecked or it's not, it's a 1 or a 0, on or off. Daft calculator is daft.


Not sure how accurate that calc is, says a skylake 6700K and 1080ti is bottlenecked, no way that is right.


£656.60 now - that includes free 7 day shipping


The i5-4570 isn't a new chip.

Motorola Moto G5S Plus in Blush Gold from Ballicom - £236.82 with free 7 day UK delivery
Found 12th Sep 2017Found 12th Sep 2017
Motorola Moto G5S Plus in Blush Gold from Ballicom - £236.82 with free 7 day UK delivery
To date, this is the UK supplier's lowest price for the Moto G5S Plus. Can't seem to find the Lunar Grey version on this site. Please be warned that unlike Fine Gold on the prev… Read more

Aside from the lack of compass, which is indeed a serious flaw, I fail to see why you think this is an inferior quality phone with a big price. This deal cannot be compared to a grey import for obvious reasons, but when looking at similarly priced UK sourced phones, I think this is a tough act to follow, not least for the all aluminium build quality, the dual lens camera (a first in this price range) the selfie camera uprated to 8 megapixels, coupled with a decent mid-ranged Snapdragon 625 Octa- Core processor an 3GB of RAM the reviews indicate a fast, responsive handset with no lag, even with some high end games. The performance has been remarked as being almost on par with a flagship phone costing 3 times the price. The full HD screen is perfectly acceptable and hardly noticeable to a 4K screen, but has the advantage of running more efficiently. The reviews are generally pretty good on the whole. I would be very interested to hear of which handsets you feel offer better quality, better specifications at this price point, which is not a grey import.


Inferior quality phone with big price. Lenovo trying to kill Motorola with poor quality and poor specs

Moto E4 Plus Smartphone 3GB/16GB Gold £126.89 delivered @Ballicom
Found 23rd Jul 2017Found 23rd Jul 2017
Moto E4 Plus Smartphone 3GB/16GB Gold £126.89 delivered @Ballicom
Cheapest moto e4 plus around 3GB ram/16gb. Not sharpest screen but 5000mah battery, fingerprint sensor and NFC for UK/euro model. Gold also available @box £129.50 delivered https… Read more

Its only really a downgrade in the camera department. Both cameras are absolutely terrible (poor focus, poor details, grainy). Much worse than the cameras on the G3.


Right. Comment was for a different deal. Thx


I don't think he's reviewing this model


What network is this locked to pls?


Why they can't make flagship with dual sim an 5000mah battery?

Iiyama GB2788HS-B1 27" 144hz Monitor £193.22 - Ballicom
Found 16th Jun 2017Found 16th Jun 2017
Iiyama GB2788HS-B1 27" 144hz Monitor £193.22 - Ballicom
1080p, but this is still cheap as muck for 144hz & 27". They're normally over £250. You won't get it cheaper especially since Brexit. Freesync compatible and has a 1ms response… Read more
plath for £3.89 more from on amazon. 3 remaining.


Price has gone up a tenner


Wow what a bargain, although you will get people moan about 1080p at 27" , personally I love the high frame rates, although I have g-sync to help.


If your not going to use freesync i wouldn't even both buying this monitor. You have a nvidia card better looking for deals on a gsync monitor if you dont intend to switch cards.[/quote] I just want 144Hz, tried it before and its amazing, buttersmooth. Screen tearing doesn't really bother me, the only thing annoys me is microstutter. The idea was to sell the 1060 and get a good deal on the RX 580, about same performance and good enough for 1080p and I could use freesync, but no driver support for my OS. you should just keep your 1060. 580 is a sidegrade and adaptive sync isn't all that.[/quote] Keep hold of your 1060 and wait for the inevitable mining crash, then pickup a cheap 480/580 second hand. Ebay will be flooded with them soon enough.[/quote] Yeah I'll keep my Nvidia card for now. Thank you for your suggestions.


Keep hold of your 1060 and wait for the inevitable mining crash, then pickup a cheap 480/580 second hand. Ebay will be flooded with them soon enough.

Intel Next Unit of Computing Kit NUC6CAYS - Celeron J3455 1.5 GHz - 2 GB RAM  - 32 GB eMMC Win10Home £198.41 delivered @ Ballicom.
Found 27th May 2017Found 27th May 2017
Intel Next Unit of Computing Kit NUC6CAYS - Celeron J3455 1.5 GHz - 2 GB RAM - 32 GB eMMC Win10Home £198.41 delivered @ Ballicom.
Intel Next Unit of Computing Kit NUC6CAYS - Celeron J3455 1.5 GHz - 2 GB RAM - 32 GB eMMC Windows 10 home 64bit preinstalled. Supports Linux Apollo Lake architecture. Arches ca… Read more
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BOXNUC6CAYSAJ - £192.33 on Amazon inc shipping (£186.33+ £6.00 delivery), at the time of writing, (though I note the seller has only 83% from only 105 total ratings, so I would probably go with the Ballicom deal, personally, if the CPU spec meets your needs)


Cold. Dont need to share anything.


£200 for a weak quad core, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage and a box that has the bare minimum of ports (ethernet, USB, HDMI, no type C, no displayport). Looking to china I can find mini PCs for a similar price with 4GB of RAM, 120GB of proper SSD, a stronger quad core (N4200), and the only thing they lose is the VGA port. Still got licensed windows. The kicker here might be wifi, this NUC includes an AC grade wifi card which you haven't mentioned.


Heat given. A quick look around and can't find this model any cheaper.


I'm not taking it personally. Would like to see the greater wisdom behind the auto cold clicking. This is a deal. If someone can point to a better deal then that's what I want to know.

MSI GTX 1080 Ti ARMOR 11G with Aftermarket Cooling £649.50 @ Ballicom
Found 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
MSI GTX 1080 Ti ARMOR 11G with Aftermarket Cooling £649.50 @ Ballicom
Excellent price for a Founders Edition let alone one with aftermarket cooling. Ordered mine yesterday afternoon and had it delivered lunchtime today.

Better with the Zotac Amp @ £619.


Good price for an overpriced card. Nonetheless, heat.

XFX Radeon RX 480 8GB £189.98 @ Ballicom (Free Delivery)
Found 16th Feb 2017Found 16th Feb 2017
XFX Radeon RX 480 8GB £189.98 @ Ballicom (Free Delivery)
Bought this myself the other week when it was £195. Previous deal has been expired but this is now £189.98 including free delivery. Mine is in a Fractal Design Node 202 case and … Read more

after one email I discovered they had delivered it to my neighbour. all fine after all :)


**** canceled. Both orders. ****.


Parcel Motel, dude.


as anyone bought from this store? their feedback is quite bad... I bought an rx470 on 12 of february and it as not arrived yet


I'm in the same position - will be hanging onto the card for a good few years so would like to future proof as much as possible. If I could save a bit of cash and not really notice any performance difference then I'd go for this card, but still thinking 'well it's only another £20 for a 1060'.

Powercolor Radeon RX 470 4GB Red Devil £149.40 @ Ballicom
Found 12th Feb 2017Found 12th Feb 2017
Powercolor Radeon RX 470 4GB Red Devil £149.40 @ Ballicom
Pretty sweet price lads

lol did you read the part on the page where it says "This product is out of stock If you would like to be emailed when this product becomes available, please click here" ?

XFX Radeon RX 480 8GB £195 @ Ballicom
Found 7th Feb 2017Found 7th Feb 2017
XFX Radeon RX 480 8GB £195 @ Ballicom
Price down even further from a few days ago. now £195 with free shipping for the 8gb version.

You're not wrong, but there is absolutely no reason why your SSD should be above 40C. Getting back on topic however, I received my RX 480 yesterday and I'm really impressed with the performance at 1440p.


Few 1 star reviews on google (maps) for delivery being slow, warranty claims and DOA / RMA poor service. Hope you get a good one and don't need to return it!


56c is no where near dangerous for an SSD, they are made to operate up to and beyond 70c. Heck even the bare m.2 drives don't throttle until they hit circa 90c


Pretty much why I bought this for my SFF case too. It exhausts all/most of the hot air straight out of the back, rather than back out into your system. My SFF case has no internal fans other than the one on the GPU and CPU cooler so this does the job!


Go buy a card with an open air cooler and see how that works out for you with your CPU, motherboard, HDD and SSD temps in a SFF build. Spoilers: I was doing it wrong and that's how I now know I'm not doing it wrong.

XFX Radeon RX 480 8 GB - £199.99 @ Ballicom
Found 4th Feb 2017Found 4th Feb 2017
XFX Radeon RX 480 8 GB - £199.99 @ Ballicom
an 8 GB graphics card for under £200

Back in stock and down to £195?


Yeah, think I bought this desktop about 3-4 years ago, it was a beast in its day.


i have one of those aswell put away somewhere lol its an oem card but was really the dogs **** back in its time


Thanks for that... Yeah, I've got a 850 128gb SSD that still needs fitting.


GeForce GTX 660 1.5gb? It's pretty slow tbh.

XFX RX 480 4GB Graphics Card (cheapest 4GB I can find) - £169.99 del @ Ballicom
Found 1st Feb 2017Found 1st Feb 2017
XFX RX 480 4GB Graphics Card (cheapest 4GB I can find) - £169.99 del @ Ballicom
This is the cheapest RX 480 4GB I can find (with custom cooling also) for anybody looking for a cheap 480 and doesn't want to spend £200 on the 8GB blower model that was posted her… Read more
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@Simon_H It does sound like it might be faulty, i looked at all the issues with the 480 when troubleshooting and most were reboot loops driver related) or random shut downs (PSU related). I've got the 480 working now with the 16.7.1 drivers but i updated and Windows crashed, rolled back and it's fine but i am getting shut-downs when gaming even though i set the cpu to stock so definitely a PSU issue, mine's a 550w antec truepower fwiw but maybe try the older drivers. The only other thing that worked for was installing the driver manually via system the installing the radeon applet and using Trixx to set the clock speeds but obviously such workarounds are not idea with a new GPU.


Speak to Ballicom tomorrow and process your RMA, usually takes a bit of time and you can always cancel it. It sounds like it's dead TBH, if it was a BIOS issue it wouldn't post at all. Not a great experience for you!


Tried all options you have suggested, not overclocked either, only one not tried is in other machine, this is tricker because how many pc's can slot in a rx480? Its not so small and I thought my humble machine was enough ! I'll try in a mates pc then ill speak to ballicom ...... Thanks for the input.


S**t! -Have you tried flicking the BIOS switch on the card? -Do the fans spin OK? Unobstructed etc? -Was it overclocked? -Have you tried removing all additional RAM/Drives from your machine and booting? -Tried resetting your BIOS to default settings? -Tried the card in a friends machine? Try some/all of the above and report back, otherwise it looks like RMA time. Here are some alt. options depending on how your RMA plays out: 4GB: 8GB: 1060:


Got mine 10 days ago, not worked for 9 1/2 days.......... Installed drivers, all was good. Played bf1 for half an hour, all was well, and then screen was playing up, flashing etc. Now it wont even post on start up. Says no signal from card. Blue power light works on card, idicating the power supply is good. After reading plenty, the UEFI problem keeps getting mentioned. My PC is not UEFI, but it worked fine for 30 mins ! Dont think I can run this mobo with UEFI ( too old ? 2012), maybe Ive got a card that was weak from the start !!! MY PC should be enough for it.... guess more reading is required..... Gigabyte 970A ds3 rev 1.0 Bios f7d ( latest for 8 core) Fx 8320e 16 gb Ballistix sport 1600 750w Novatech 80+ 120gb SSd Windows 10.

Western Digital (WD101KRYZ) 10 TB 3.5-Inch Hard Drive £541.08 ballicom
Found 13th Jan 2017Found 13th Jan 2017
Western Digital (WD101KRYZ) 10 TB 3.5-Inch Hard Drive £541.08 ballicom
Ballicom are selling the 10TB WD Gold around £200 cheaper than the major hardware vendors such as Scan. Ballicom are selling the same drive on Amazon but charging £584.57!! Postag… Read more

​dont know why the sarcasm it's a legit point. chances of 5 drives breaking is less than chances of one. buffoon


Sign up to a free course and you can get one. There's lots of posts about it on here.


Personally I'd be concerned about the drive being priced (and if you believe it, specified) for running in datacentre configurations, if you're not going to stick it in a RAID array with loads of other disks, it's just paying for unnecessary features, especially since there are other cheaper 10TB disks out there. If you were to stick one of these in a RAID 5 array, I wonder how long a rebuild would take if a disk failed, I found 3TB disks painful enough, and have abandoned RAID 5 for all my larger systems. At the moment I'd be looking at 8TB drives as the sweet spot, about 1/2 the price of the lowest priced 10TB. Assuming you're happy to rip them out of the USB caddy. mike


Cool, how do I (and everyone else) get a student e-mail, apart from the obvious of paying for a course somewhere


£535.50 in the student store as per here: