Balvenie single malt scotch whisky 12 YO @ Asda half price now £16.50

Balvenie single malt scotch whisky 12 YO @ Asda half price now £16.50

£16.50Asda Deals

I can't find online - can you add the direct link please?

Nearly twice that online:…nie
Is this for a 70cl bottle? Hot if so.
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Bought it Asda Alloa

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This is 70cl bottle


This is 70cl bottle

On fire then!
Great whisky for this price!

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This is called the Signature matured in three distinct casks.

Yeah if this is legit its a steal, am gonna pop in me local and have a look.....


my asda had some for £16 before xmas they were clearing it out so it would only be if your local has any stock

Confirmed at my local. It's in store only reduced to clear. Same as with he glenfiddich 18yo for £20.

I bought 2 of these earlier on asda Cheltenham. Great deal and hot.

I can confirm, £16.50 each!

None in Peterlee, well done for find though and if you can get em bargain

I got 1 of these for £16.50 and 2 glenfiddich 18yr for £20 each! That should keep me going for awhile cheers op

i got 3 at £16.50 last night.
been told its now down to £10 now get there fast at this price
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Loads in Fosse Park, on the shelf at full price but scan in at 16.50

None in ASDA in Leith, Edinburgh.
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