Bambi Special Edition 2 disc DVD only £6.99 delivered! Disney

Bambi Special Edition 2 disc DVD only £6.99 delivered! Disney

Found 20th Dec 2006
Seems like an excellent price to me for 2 disc!

Disc 1:
Inside Walt's Story Meetings: watch the film alongside script notes and meetings with Walt and the animation team as they plan out the final picture!
Disc 2:
Deleted scenes: Winter Grass and Bambi's First Snow
DisneyPedia -Bambi's Forest Friends - Learn all about deer and other woodland animals in this fun and educational look at how the real life animals compare to their animated friends
The Making Of Bambi - A Prince is Born: a featurette broken down into six different sections all about the making of the film
The Legacy continues: the legacy of Bambi is continued in a brand new adventure. Return to the forest in this sneak peek of Bambi II!
Restoring Bambi: A behind the scenes look at how the film was restored
Art Gallery: stills and images from art to animation in this Disney classic
Tricks Of The Trade: a behind the scenes look at the animation tricks of the trade, filmed in 1957 and hosted by Walt Disney
The Old Mill: an animated short from 1937 that has been cited as one of the influences for the Bambi artists
Disney Time Capsule: a journey back to 1942 to see what the world and the Walt Disney Studio was then like
Disney Storytime - Thumper Goes Exploring: join Thumper in a brand new interactive story starring all his woodland friends. Have the story read to you or read it at your own pace
What's Your Season? Are you as cold as winter or as warm as the summer fun? Simply by answering a few questions you can work out which of Mother Nature's traits you most possess
Set Top Screensaver: create the sights and sounds of the forest in your own home with a set top screensaver - complete with changing seasons

Dont forget quidco!

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