Bambino mio reusable nappies starter kit £14.99 at Aldi

Bambino mio reusable nappies starter kit £14.99 at Aldi

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Found 21st May 2015
Aldi are selling the starter packs of bambino mio reusable nappies, they are in from the 28th of may on their special buys, at this price I suspect they will go quick
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is there any reason for using these other than cost?

for me the idea of having to clean it is justification enough for the extra cost of disposable!
if you search online there are various articles comparing the cost and carbon footprint of reusable vs disposable.
it's a lot closer than you think.
You can usually recoup the cost of buying these in the first place by selling them on. There's a huge market for preloved cloth nappies, in the long run these work out much cheaper than disposables.
These are crap! They are so thick on baby and to wash them is real pain in the a...s,even in washing machine.
My son is 6 months old and we get on well with these! We use tots bots all in ones when we go out and tots bots bamboozles at night, but we use these at home during the day
I have used these for the past 2.5 years, also used moo solo and tots bots and these have been the best by far! Absolute bargain as my starter set was £40!
I think it helps some children who have severe skin allergys
Using reuseable nappies was the best decision ive ever made - any new parent shouldnt be put off by washing them its sooo easy! Newborn pooey nappies go straight in a nappy bin and when they are older the poo shakes off into the toilet and voila done! Put them in your washing machine, a tiny dose of non bio powder (no softener) rinse and done! This deal from aldi is great, anyone wanting to try washable nappies should take advantage of this deal!
i dont know how to post about a deal... there is a half price on Bambino Mio products on Sainsbury ( online and store). but the Miosolo nappies are not online anymore on yesterday but others are. ( might be sold out!). some store still has it. I managed to collect nappies, detergents and liners on last week.
The big deal is because unlike sainsburys where you buy 1 for £6 you get 4 nappys 4 covers and 50 liners for £15
I used some of these when my son was younger and I found them brill
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