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Masterplug Polished White, surge protected 13A socket with 2 x USB Charger. - £9.99 @ Bamford Trading
Found 6th May 2017Found 6th May 2017
This was the cheapest I could find including delivery. Allows you to charge your electronic devices via the twin USB ports without losing your power outlet and the added protectio… Read more

2.1A I think you need USB3 for fast charging


will this support Fast charging on a Galaxy S6?


Thanks for that Tweety, I might get another one as mine keeps migrating to my sons room somehow.


Same price in Morrisons

Draper 09405 160mm DIY Plier Set Heavy Duty Soft Grip DROPPED FORGE £7.49 @ BamfordTrading
Found 30th May 2016Found 30th May 2016
I already purchased these when they were £3.49 couple of months ago, they are dropped forge but doesnt say in description just about visible in the pic. also it is free delivery! … Read more
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Have you used your carpenter's pencils from last time, mate? I can't remember where I put mine. They must be in a hiding in a drawer somewhere. :|X)


these are rubbish, pliers snapped trying to cut a screw. snips are ok


price gone up now same website for 9.99 with 3 carpenters pencils - or if its same seller go for the ebay ones as above!


Ahh bought the Silverline set from Screwfix yesterday for about the same price. Don't believe that's drop forged. Heated.


Ebay ones are rusty lol

Draper pliers and pencils £3.49 delivered @ Bamford Trading
Found 23rd Mar 2016Found 23rd Mar 2016
Free Shipping. Looks like a great deal.

Got mine today.


Showing as £9.99?


Sorry, as you may have guessed this was a pricing error which has now been corrected, we will of course honour every order already placed. Given the volume of orders, please be patient for delivery. John Bamford Trading




​I've got some in my electrical tool box, few years old granted but they've rusted so they're stiff now. WD40 is used to seal cast iron (which rusts in hours!) radiators if you Google it. :)

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Only got a tiny one? Ooer (chimney flue that is)  Bailey rods & brush £18.02 delivered @ BAMFORD TRADING
Found 1st Nov 2011Found 1st Nov 2011
Cheaper than last year... FREE DELIVERY quality brushes that will make you feel shame that you used such a cruddy set before these, mine are almost intuitive going up my "chimbley… Read more

Good find. Thanks for detailed info.


I'd pester them as to when stock is back in , they've carried these for several years now, & there appear to be all the components to make up orders via the brush & the rods. (if we look at other combinations) I've been monitoring bailey prices since getting my set (& expanding it) & this company have been the cheapest though may be worth looking around (I doubt it). My set as originally purchased was for the Bailey Drain Rod & Chimney Cleaning Set In Carry Bag which ended up being around £25 inc delivery (not it's current price) the bag (if anyone is considering the kit keeps it all together & is tough enough to throw around a fair bit, rough & tumble of your car, storage etc. As it's "oddly" out of stock it may be part of a swap sell technique i'd press them to oblige based on other stock making up the order at the same price, ..i'd rather not take a gamble on the silverline, & the Orcastar alternatives I know nothing about, probably higher margin, generic import & in all likelihood stiffer therefore more cumbersome in the area the bailey's are designed for. (not overly "bigging" them up, but we all know what the copying of product is like in production with varying levels of success & durability, ..which is how I now come to stick by this brand! I can tell you from experience of my own chimney that the bailey "blue" is far more flexible & easy to rod thajn any other set i've used, cutting rodding / sweeping time down dramatically (10 minutes compared to 30 minutes, because they are so flexible they tend to get up & round effortlessly, (what we all want from a job, right)? My chimney (& i'm lucky) has a simple bend & straight up & out, which previously was a pig, you need the inherent flex of good rods in these instances, makes them much borrowed as a result. (please keep some disposable latex gloves to hand, protective eyewear, & some baby wipes to clean off your rods as they come back down the chimney & are unscrewed, makes for a much cleaner job that will not leave so much mess ofr you to be blamed for. As I know my chimney I sweep it "blind" ie after the first length & brush has been inserted I duck tape a thick sheet round the entrance to catch agitated soot as it falls (a small slit to allow further rod attachment, & a bag to catch / move excess soot into, which isnt much if you do it regularly, but gets in the air a bit regardless! No connection with Bailey, parent company or anything, simply like to buy good tools once!


This item is not currently in stock. shame as good buy


good find for solid brass joints and looks a quality set thanks Mr Gus just what I need


WOW, what an unfounded stupid comment to make. Let's see a post from you with your own descriptive addition. The sun don't shine in the chimney which is where the rods will go.

QUALITY "bailey bros" blue's chimney sweep set £18.46 @ BAMFORD TRADING .. (as it's stove season)
Found 28th Jan 2011Found 28th Jan 2011
FREE DELIVERY quality brushes that will make you feel shame that you used such a cruddy set before these, mine are almost intuitive going up my "chimbley" in comparison to the old,… Read more

Either the 1/2" nylon flexi rods or the 3/4" blue Bailey's are generally fine for twin wall. If it's two storey with a couple of bends invest in flexi rods and sweep every 6 months or so depending upon usage. If nice and straight then the 3/4" Bailey's would be fine in the main


Dougieboy, was your flue liner correctly installed & installed the right way up? which brand was it?


Great stuff. I am assuming cleaning the flue liner for a multi fuel stove is the same procedure as for an unlined chimney?


Locking are nice, but expensive, the best way for an amateur like me is to have a sharpie penned arrow pointing in the direction of turn, it's too easy to get distracted by the blethering of others, you olnly really need assistance of someone outside to tell you when the brush is through... keep twisting hand over hand & you'll be fine, & if you've got walkie talkies send em out & simply tell the person watching the chimney pot to bleep you when it's out rather than talk,'s easier that way, less confusion. Never burn coal & wood together, fast way to start a chimney fire...(bad creation of poisons) & clean your chimney regularly so it's less of a chore. I've got the bigger set (also on the same site, keyword "bailey" ..but my chimney is actually only 6 rod lengths long to pop well clear of the top, so I anticipate this will cover alot of folks requirements. I do recommend sweeping 1x per month to 6 weeks in burning season, as you get to know what your burning pattern quality of fuel & deposits left are like you can perhaps tone it down simply through it helping you learn how to obtain a best burn. oh yes, forgot to say, safety goggles as soot is a complete mare in the eyes! & clean off your rods with baby wipes.


Use a child, it's much cheaper.

Ryobi CDI1802M/BG - Ryobi One+ Starter Kit With Bag £81.75 @ Bamford Trading - Delivery Included / £73.65 with discount code
Found 11th Mar 2010Found 11th Mar 2010
((DEL CHARGES MAY APPLY FOR iRELAND & SOME HIGHLAND POSTCODES, PLEASE CHECK)) Ryobi One+ Starter Drilling Kit Use the "thankyou" code from just prior to xmas, worked this aft… Read more

I went via the link early this morning, nowt showed or I'm a speccy ****! (probably option 2) ..however having perused the drill section no discount is showing on the hitachi to the degree mentioned, & the only big 20% off changing ad banner is for bathrooms currently ..


You mean you can't see the big 20% off everything signs on the homepage?


No sign of change (yet) on their website


20% off all purchases over £50 for the next four days at B&Q


£99.98 on the above link at the moment. Is it being reduced from Friday?

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Bailey-Chimset - Bailey Drain Rod & Chimney Set In Carry Bag - £28.58 Delivery Included
Found 11th Mar 2010Found 11th Mar 2010
Just chasing best deal on the quite renowned "bailey bros" (Birmingham) blue drain & chimney cleaning rods.. so cheap price for a premium brand in it's field. (don't vote cold … Read more

I am a professional chimney sweep and yes, I use Bailey rods. But, the 16" brush that you receive is not really man enough to sweep the chimney properly. The bristles are too thin, plus you need the correct size brush for the job. Professionally made brushes cost a lot more than the whole set and are the only way forward.. I recommend you use a professionally qualified sweep and get the job done properly, plus a certificate.


just received this morning, very impressed, good quality, fits together much better than last set, lighter(possibly) proper brass screw fittings, heavy duty bag, good quality drain attatchments. Just to give peeps an idea.. the cost from another merchant for this kit is... For professional people who require their tools to be at hand on a regular basis there are two purpose designed sets, one in a strong rigid plastic case and another in a heavy duty blue carry bag, both of these are supplied with adjustable shoulder straps. The compact nature of these sets allows them to be easily stored in the works, shed, garage or van. These sets include 30 feet of the finest Bailey Blue Rods® with varying tool options. Their quality, reliability and strength ensure that the toughest jobs can be tackled - an essential product for the builder, plumber, chimney sweep or handyman. Contents: Quantity Size 10 3/4"x3' Bailey Blue Rods ..( around £45 on their own) 1 4" Drop scraper ..(£3.00 if bought seperately)Drop Scraper:Glides over small obstructions and drops into vertical scraping position to allow offending material to be dragged back towards the operator. 1 4" Plunger ...(£2.50 if bought seperately) Plunger:Builds up pressure of water which forces obstruction clear. 1 2" Double worm screw ..(£4.00 if bought seperately) Double Worm Screw:Piercesblockages such as paper or rags and the obstruction is drawn back to clear the pipe. 1 16" Brush .. (£16 if bought seperately) Drain and sweeps brushes with bristles in plastic stock. Use for brick chimneys and coal burning applications. 1 x good quality "logo'ed" bag ..(about £12.50 if bought separately) The Bailey blue rods are covered by international trademarks and are renowned world-wide for their quality, durability and strength. To compliment the rods there are a wide range of tools and brushes available to cover virtually any application. A range of drain test plugs are supplied in sizes from 15mm to 2000mm in steel, aluminium or nylon. Canvas air bags and other testing products are also available. A range of duct rods for cable laying, produced to BT specifications, together with coupling up pieces, leaders and followers and adaptors are also manufactured. The products enjoy an international reputation for quality and are endorsed by a long list of both national and international companies who specify these products as their preferred choice. These include public utilities, water authorities, national and local government, multi-national civil engineering companies, international construction companies and professional tradesmen. This diverse customer base extends to over 30 countries worldwide. Manufacturing quality of the company’s products is of the highest standard and has been attained through years of experience and expert knowledge of the industry. Continuation of these traditional standards is essential and, in 1991, the company was assessed and registered to BS EN 9002 certifying its ability to supply quality products at a consistent level. With a fully integrated manufacturing facility the company is able to carefully control the quality standards of each component prior to final assembly. Having compared to my old set these feel far more substantial, smooth to screw together, (even the rod fittings seem to align when pieced together, drain attatchments it came with feel alot more robust than a cheap set ..less reliant upon luck to get the job done! (commendations to Bamford trading for both price, delivery & despatch times) Recommended,


Well said, another thing, if you buy these individually (ie 1x 1 metre) theyre typically £4.60 - £4.90 each, so the math really works out favourably. IF you are lucky & have no problems with your chimney a single sweep costs £25 upward, bearing in mind sweeping should happen several times over & after the burning season..


hopefully its not often you will need a set of these but when you need em your gonna need em big time " because if you ever get a drain blockage etc , its going to cost you tens times this to get it fixed .


(incidentally theres a discount on Bamford till midnight tonight for orders over £50, though that's a fiver off) consider trying applying the "thankyou" without quotes when checking out (bamfords own discount box NOT paypals) ..that was originally issued xmas last year on twitter but worked for me & is theoretically 10% on anything currently.