Bananagrams £10.35 @ play
Bananagrams £10.35 @ play

Bananagrams £10.35 @ play

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RRP is £15.99, so it might not seem like that good a deal, but it's an excellent game & I've been looking for offers for a little while now and this is the best price I've found.
Quidco as well.


So... it's boardless scrabble with a banana case?


So... it's boardless scrabble with a banana case?

Essentially, yep. Its great for kids though (pretty certain there are more tiles), we use it for waits at restaurants and the like. Good price..

This is a really good fun game. We've used it like Hurdy's said above - also good for taking away on holiday. It's obviously got similarities with Scrabble, but each player plays independently - so tries to arrange their own pile of letters into a crossword type structure. The competitive/group element is managed by once you've managed to get your letters arranged you call "Peel" and all players have to take an additional letter from the remaining pool. This adds some pace to the game and means that each games typically doesn't last too long.

We've found it works well with players of different ages as it's easy to run a 'handicap' system (e.g. we play it so that my 7 yr old daughter doesn't have to take extra letters, or only every third time etc) which allows you to level the playing field.

Brilliant game at a very good price. Lots of variations on how you can play dependant on age or how much time you've got.

Thanks for the post as I was unfamiliar with this game, I have a sister and mother who would both love this. I will however be buying them for $12.88 each from Amazon in the States as that is where they live.:)

Wanted to buy this for a while so thanks! Just ordered it
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