Bananaman: The Ultimate Collection @ £6.39 From SendIt

Bananaman: The Ultimate Collection @ £6.39 From SendIt

Found 10th Jan 2008
80's childrens classic. All 40 episodes
He-man, She-Ra, Dungeons and Dragons, Count Duckula and many more available
I used to love.
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Oh dear. All absolute classics. I can see me getting some big orders in now lol.

Thanks, voted Hot.
Slightly cheaper on HMW at £5.99 + Quido:…343

"This is 29, Acacia Road. And this is Eric, the schoolboy who leads an exciting double life. For when Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs. Eric is Bananaman. Ever alert for the call to action."
what a classic. Think gonna have to buy it just to relive the childhood memories of this. Any sharky and george dvd's anywhere?
.....the crime busters of the sea, da na na na na nah, sharkey and george....clear up any mystery


Oh my - I used to love Count Duckula!

I still remember to this day one episode where they all stay in Hardluck Hotel or something and Nanny says to room service "I didn't order no carpet" (you would have to see it to get it) - aah the memories...

I can't believe there is enough demand for it to be released on DVD - WOW!
Ooh ooh - I just added Duckula to my LoveFilm rental list and they have Bananaman also - don't think I would want to watch it more than once, just relive the old days for an evening :thumbsup:
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