Bananas - ASDA - £0.40 per Kilo

Bananas - ASDA - £0.40 per Kilo

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Priced at £0.47 although scanning at 7 pence less... 40p.

Happy days!


gee whillickers, it must be my birthday...

Love Bananas :-D

Nice Bananas.. voted hot :-D

Must have gone down in price a tad !



got to love cheap fruit

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Bananas are the probably the only fruit I eat

might get some for a treat

Bought some last week for 47p per kilo from Tesco....will dey b also 40p...will have 2 find out.

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Bananas are the probably the only fruit I eat

Ditto that - unless wine gums count... ;-)


just bought some. 47p.

47p/kg for me as well

sainsbury's are also selling for something like 49p per Kilo, good quality:)

A tip for all banana lovers. You can use the white inside of the skin to rub on insect bites or sores. Does not work for all people, but seems to work for quite a few. Do a Google on Banana skin warts and read the answers. Very interesting. Seemed to clear up a spot I had very quickly. Seek medical help for anything serious.

I think the greater issue is the atrocious misrepresentation of Asda who constantly have prices different from those charged. These are certainly not all in your favour. From my experience, mostly they are not.

Great deal on bananas, just another highlight of Asda's practices.

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Trying to find the receipt for the purchase... it was deffo 40p cause I went back to check the shelves and it was priced at 47p. I then looked at the receipt and it was 110% priced at 40p.


Well, as no-one else has said it banana!

definitely 47p in Wallington. Still a good price.

Why do the prices in bananas fluctuate so much?

I buy fruit for the office in work, and they price per kilo has varied between 40p to nearly 90p over the last 12 months!

is it a seasonal thing, or is there something more sinister afoot?!
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