Band in a box Rockband £10 @ Asda *instore* @ Altrincham

Band in a box Rockband £10 @ Asda *instore* @ Altrincham

Found 13th Oct 2009
Asda home in Altrincham are selling wii band in a box for £10

This might not be nationwide but if it is it is a good deal

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on MSE


am phoning now =] x


how many did they have left in that store? x

can someone get me one and i'll pay 20?

I have tried my two local stores in Preston and they have none.

leigh have none x

Tried several Asda's in Newcastle/Sunderland and they have none :~((

what department did you get this from i just phoned that store and they said all they have is the beatles rockband for 99.72? x

rang york, they said they had stopped selling them

i think this may just be a one off you know >.

have u got proof like a recipt or pic? x

i rang leigh,oldham and atlringham none at all >.

lol none in the whole top half of Scotland

Why op not answering surely this is too be good to be true

Update horwhich has none ethier >.

None in wigan ethier

None in Merthyr Tydfil told me they don't get them in often but might have some in for christmas had no idea on price when i asked

by top half of scotland I mean Aberdeen (theres like 5 different ASDAs in Aberdeen), Elgin, Huntly, Perth, all of these have a massive selection of video games and none of the stores even stock the Band in a Box, nevermind for £10, I don't think its true.


phoned altrincham said they had no stock left

Original Poster

A bit busy

apparently they had 1 left but probably gone now

u got proof of this MDC? x

none in aintree tut nor walton or huyton

none in lowestoft or great yarmouth

FYI this was posted on mse. This isn't the OP's deal (hence the silence). I wouldn't waste your time, it appears to be a one off.

Original Poster

Aparently colchester had some

Some in Blackpool.............................

Just joking, sounds store specific


Aparently colchester had some

All gone now....:-(

Is it £10 for all consoles?

None in Basibgstoke or Farnborough

It will be the individual asdas that are price them in the home and lesuire department, the one i work in had it for £50 for the xbox360 but they had only a few left.
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