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Dark Souls - Solaire Of Astora Amiibo £9.99 @ Bandai Namco Online Store - £9.99
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Didn't even know they had an online store! Currently they have a free shipping with no minimum spend event on until June 16th. (Aptly called "E-Free" to celebrate E3)

Anyway I can redirect item left misses house today never to return but still want the item. Left lovley house in Wales back to flat in croydon .the 80s pip love song stay for good this time lyrics and much more .we not spoke the journey so far lol


Sold out :( devestated. I can no longer praise the sun




Many prob bought to sell for profit .I did think to do this my self .


No young Skywalker. I am your father

Code Vein - Nework Test (PS4/Xbox One) Free (31 May - 3 June) @ Bandai Namco
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Be among the first Revenants to dive into the beautiful but merciless world of CODE VEIN in the Network Test! Get hands-on with CODE VEIN and join the Network test running from 31… Read more

I redeemed on my UK account. It depends which region of Bandai store you are using to get the code from.


Yes, I had to redeem on my US account but I’ve been playing on the UK one. It’s just anime dark souls, it’s ok but I wouldn’t buy it.


Anyone get their code for ps4, try and redeem it on uk account and get this message... I do have a US account also but just wanted to check if anyone else getting this message.


Fair enough - I suppose thats why the mods have let both the deals stand :) Its ok, the key thing is that folks know this is happening and have fun with it :)


Thats different. It ask you to sign up for a chance. On this one you can reedem code for test, by logging in bandai's website

Code Vein (Xbox One & PS4) Free Network Test Beta Signup @ BandaiNamco
Refreshed 29th MayRefreshed 29th May
Sign up for a chance to join the development process and participate in the CODE VEIN Network Test for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Spaces are limited. For the US, the Test begins… Read more
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They gave me a code and it doesn't work... Oh well.


Looks interesting. Thanks


Cool..signed up. Thanks.


Been following this game's development. Signed up.


looks interesting, signed up (y)

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Ni No Kuni II - Extra-Special Experience Pack DLC (PS4) Free @ Bandai Namco
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Get a headstart thanks to the EP!C bundle including: The Special Sword Set with: - Jade katana - Siren’s saber - Cloudcutter - Bleeding Edge - Greenling glaiv… Read more

So can anyone confirm (not assume) if they've actually received the items? In an ongoing game, ideally.


I've not started it yet but assume they would be part of your inventory? Mine just said installed alongside the game


The instructions they give you are wrong. So, sign up to Bandai and redeem the code. They'll need an email address but you should be able to log in to the Namco site and redeem the code. It'll give you a 12 digit code, then go to PS store and use the redeem code feature. I did give them my Steam account details too but I don't think that's necessary (and was weird to be asked for it!). Oh and to make it tougher when I got the code on screen on Bandai's website it kept taking me to an "error page not found" so I had to take a screenshot while the code was visible for a second. They really don't make it easy! Having said all that despite redeeming the link on the PS Store page I'm not sure if the items have been put on my game.... hmm..... wait, let me guess, it's only on new games? Eff that if so!


i m in europe


only for europe it seems

Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 FREE on Bandai Namco Europe Store
Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 FREE on Bandai Namco Europe Store
- Scroll down to 100 Products, select Ascending Price, Dragonball 2 Xenoverse should appear, and just add to cart. Seems to be a black friday free giveaway - appears to be a free… Read more
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Similar thing happened with a bundle from the oculus store. They just totally removed the game from your account even if you downloaded it, unless you stay in offline mode forever !


Absolutly out of order fair enough cant redeem etc make codes good but I've already activated it and now it's been took from my account they shouldnt have access to it.. it feels so dodgy...


All the codes have been classed as a error and have been returned, this is the email I have got: " Dear Customer, Between the hours of 12:00 AM and 11:50 PM on November 22nd, 2018, product DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 [PC Download] was displayed at an incorrect price of £0 instead of £10.99. Due to this error by our e-commerce partner, we are unfortunately not able to fulfil orders that were placed during that time as a result of the discrepancy in pricing. In addition, please note we have gone ahead with the cancellation of the affected orders, and their respective keys are not useable. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused. Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe Team" Logging into steam gives a message saying bandai namco have marked the code as no good. It's bad on BN's part as this isn't going to look good in the slightest, it isn't a new game so I can't see why they would reclaim the codes.


Same here.. bummer


Mine got removed too. It must've been a glitch on Namco's site and they revoked all keys with Steam. lols

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LITTLE NIGHTMARES - Six Edition pc/ps4/Xbox one £20.99 (+£6.99 P&P) @ bandai namco store
Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
LITTLE NIGHTMARES - Six Edition pc/ps4/Xbox one £20.99 (+£6.99 P&P) @ bandai namco store
Six Edition includes: • Game DVD-ROM • 10cm figure of Six • Themed Cage Box • Exclusive A3 poster • Sticker board • Original Soundtrack CD (composed by Tobias Lilja) Box … Read more

Amazing. Thank you! Been waiting for this for a while, I think it's the cheapest it's been for agess. Ordered :)


waiting for what? It's been out a while, I paid £10 more on release. Good game, nice special edition extras


It's £14 excluding postage


+£6.99 postage

TALES OF VESPERIA: DEFINITIVE EDITION - PREMIUM EDITION - PS4 and XBOX ONE £64.99 (+6.99 Shipping) @ Bandai Namco Official Store
Posted 13th Nov 2018Posted 13th Nov 2018
TALES OF VESPERIA: DEFINITIVE EDITION - PREMIUM EDITION - PS4 and XBOX ONE £64.99 (+6.99 Shipping) @ Bandai Namco Official Store
One of my favourite games of all time! Next best is £79.99 at GAME Switch 74.99 here but currently sold out, also sold out at game. Thanks
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I can't remember when I preordered mine, it was quite a long time ago as well. I think I reacted pretty quickly to the HUKD post. Never mind, I have too long a backlog anyway. It does teach me a lesson to trust Coolshop preorders though. I wonder how many they had to cancel.


I ordered mine 4th November


Apparently they have taken more prorders than they had guaranteed stock. You were lucky, I wasn't.


Not sure why, Mines arriving tomorrow


Sadly Coolshop has cancelled my preorder. It was too good to be true!

Free PS4 Dark Souls Remastered Chess Theme @ Bandai Namco
Posted 17th Oct 2018Posted 17th Oct 2018
Free Dark Souls Remastered PS4 theme from the Bandai Namco online store. Looks banging.
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Definitely not US only. The link is still working for me so I'm not sure what to suggest other than perhaps trying with a different device.


Is this U.S only, can’t seem to get onto the page , keeps on saying error 404 page not found? Could really use some help that theme is so nice lokkinf


Thank you OP :D


The email should have a link to claim your item. The link will take you to a page with your 12 character code on it. Open the playstation store (on your playstation) and enter the code to redeem your theme. Once redeemed, you can download it directly.


I’m a little dim with these things so bare with me, I have now purchased this, but it’s come to my email address for a download. How do I transfer to my PlayStation? Do I need to put on a memory stick? (y)

Heads Up - Rare Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Amiibo Pre-Order In-Stock at Bandai Namco Online Store £14.99 + £6.99 delivery
Posted 12th Oct 2018Posted 12th Oct 2018
Heads Up - Rare Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Amiibo Pre-Order In-Stock at Bandai Namco Online Store £14.99 + £6.99 delivery
These are finally coming out this week. I pre-ordered mine about seven months ago, and they have been long sold out everywhere. For anyone who wants one at RRP (+postage) Bandai Na… Read more
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Got mine on Sunday surprisingly (DPD) poorly packed not bubble wrap in a flimsy box with thin straps for seals, but thankfully both (one for me one for my brother so split the expensive postage!) are in mint condition. Sent from France too


Bandai store order shipped!


Good spot, fair play


I don't see any?


Psst everyone TheGameCollection has stock right now

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition [Steam key] - £4.99 @ Bandai Namco Store (then possible Remastered Edition for £15.20 at IndieGala!)
Posted 7th Jul 2018Posted 7th Jul 2018
When Dark Souls: Remastered was released on Steam, the original PC version - the Prepare to Die Edition - was removed from sale. This was slightly controversial as a) people wanted… Read more
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I think today there are simply not enough exclusive titles for consoles to justify buying one. The pc have almost the same titles as consoles have now and you can just plug your pc to the tv and furthermore costumize the graphics etc. to your liking, so it´s getting almost pointless getting one for a few exclusives that sony or MS pays the developers to develop for their own products make people buy them. Maybe i´ll get one cheap at some point if it has got enough good titles on it that the pc cant offer, i doubt it though. Today theres nothing a console can do that a decent lowbudget pc cannot. I still love my ps2 to death since there are plenty of great exclusives on it. I love old retro platformers and i dont need a console to play them anymore since there are so many great indie platformers coming out for the pc now. They need to come up with something different like nintendo did with stuff like nunchucks and that kinda stuff.


OK, so name 5 masterpieces in your opinion for PC in the last 5 years that are better than some of the Playstation exclusives. I'm dying to know (unicorn)


'whilst spewing hate' - didn't happen. 'The PS4 alone has produced some of the best games we have seen in recent memory. ' - I can't think of a single one. 'you would be bemoaning steam's complete lack of quality control ' - how does that in any way affect the quality of good PC games? You think people are buying £0.69 asset flips instead of Civilization? Good games rise to the top, bad games disappear. I've never bought a bad game as I read reviews first. 'We wouldn't have anywhere near the amount of quality games we have on PC, or in general if it wasn't for consoles' - nope, that makes no sense. If we didn't have consoles then people would be forced to buy PCs, the price of PCs would go down, and there would be no artificial tech limit imposed by console cycles as there is now. We are at least a decade behind where we should be in graphics. Heres the problem - console games are made for kids and casuals. You can't deny that, even 18-rated games are produced knowing half the players will be below that age group. Therefore the games have to be easy, immediate, and casual. Look at the PC games being produced in the late 90's before the 3D consoles crept onto the scene. Groundbreaking. Even today Thief is a better stealth game than any console game since. Compare it to the horrific Thief 4, a consolized parody of a game. The same is true in every category. As budgets have got bigger, games have got simpler and stupider.


If only I could be so grossly incandescent!


Praise the Sun!

[Steam] Dark Souls III Season Pass - £4.99 - Bandai Namco
Posted 6th Jul 2018Posted 6th Jul 2018
[Steam] Dark Souls III Season Pass - £4.99 - Bandai Namco
Absolutely ridiculous price. Down from £19.99 now £4.99 (highfive) Winner of Gamescom Award 2015 'Best RPG' and over 35 Awards and Nominations! DARK SOULS 3 leads you once … Read more
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Thnx by the way. I picked it up due to your heads up of back in stock


Back in stock! (I also added myself to the waiting list but I didn't get an email - just checked the site again on the off chance and it was available to buy again.)


added to a waiting list :(


i guess this is OOS as it just has a wait list icon :( I forgot to buy it after saying it was hot >.< doh!


Dark souls is my favourite game series of all time, would strongly recommend anyone to play it especially at this price! 😳

Dark Souls Amiibo (It's back) at Bandai Namco for £21.99 delivered
Posted 30th May 2018Posted 30th May 2018
Dark Souls Amiibo (It's back) at Bandai Namco for £21.99 delivered
Not the best price for it, but I figured I'd give you guys the heads up. The Official Bandai Namco site has just gotten him back in stock, likely due to the delay. 21.99 isn't the … Read more

voted hot. the rrp for this amiibo is 19.99 - 24.99. dont believe me? wait and see


"Not the best price for it" - then why post it? We want the best prices!


Nah... Only around 9x :O


Don't forget over 10 times the price!


Have a Solaire 1/6 resin statue on pre order from First4figures... Im covered ;) Exact same pose, just a weeeeee bit taler

Solaire amiibo - Dark Souls £14.99 + £6.99 P&P - Bandi Namco
Posted 21st Mar 2018Posted 21st Mar 2018
Solaire amiibo - Dark Souls £14.99 + £6.99 P&P - Bandi Namco
Be quick - website advises that 'New units are available for pre-order. Note: the shipping for May 25 will not be guaranteed. We will inform you of the shipping date as soon as we … Read more

At least the postage is sensible...


There be an Aloy Totaku in the works.


heat added. I would love to order 5 units to avoid the expensive delivery charge if I hadn't grabbed it on Amazon


Great deal compared to dealing with this nonsense:


Got mine £12.99 Amazon

New Free DBZ Stamps @ Bandai (Steam Downloads)
Posted 26th Jan 2018Posted 26th Jan 2018
New Free DBZ Stamps @ Bandai (Steam Downloads)
Didn't know how many people would have looked at the site. But 3 stamps for the new fighting game if interested :)
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Also for xbox one and PS4 :)

TALES OF ZESTIRIA PC Digital version - Bandai store
Posted 21st Dec 2017Posted 21st Dec 2017
TALES OF ZESTIRIA PC Digital version - Bandai store
TALES OF ZESTIRIA PC Digital version via Bandai store for £9.99, decent price for a nice JRPG? As per stingergb1 update, also on STEAM directly:… Read more

IMO Beseria is 10x better but maybe playing this then beseria is a good idea :) This is still a good rpg.


played this one, its not on id play again where as the new one ive clocked op over 200hrs


Same price on STEAM :)

Project cars 2 demo now available on xbox one/ps4 stores.
Posted 23rd Nov 2017Posted 23rd Nov 2017
Project cars 2 demo now available on xbox one/ps4 stores.
Discover the world's most authentic racing simulator and the Ferrari 488 GT3, Lamborghini Huracan and formula Renault at the red Bull ring in the official demo! size is 4.3gb Enh… Read more
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If it's a simulator it should be as easy as driving a car ;) (cheeky)


Terrible? Long-time Gran Turismo fan here, but going to make the jump to PC2. PC1 was terrible with a controller though.


How is it terrible? Probably too hard for you?


Played it, damn this game is terrible


Same, thanks for the heads up OP.

Posted 1st Nov 2017Posted 1st Nov 2017
PS4 & Xbone cheaper than amazon currently
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This got cold vote for me because this game is just not doing it for me and the collextor editions is overpriced


everyone tends to get on the bandwagon at big price collectors edition. but hey for the guys that want it at least i tried!


Don't know why it's cold. BTW, new customers can even get 10% off with the code WELCOME10, which makes this collectors edition £107.99.


Yipes I thought it included the playstation too.

Free Tekken 7 dynamic theme ps4 @ bandai namco
Posted 18th Aug 2017Posted 18th Aug 2017
Free Tekken 7 dynamic theme ps4 @ bandai namco
Bandai namco account required

use an extra mail account for spam and it's a good deal i think.


Good to know, I hate when companies do that.


Shame that Namco Bandai don't give two hoots about people's privacy and and keep spamming you even though you updated your details..... if anyone knows how to get it without signing up, that would be ace, but otherwise, cold from me

Little Nightmares - DLC Fox Mask/Tengu (PS4/Xbox One/Steam/GoG) Free @ Bandai
Posted 7th Jul 2017Posted 7th Jul 2017
Little Nightmares - DLC Fox Mask/Tengu (PS4/Xbox One/Steam/GoG) Free @ Bandai
Fear can take many forms and can live in many worlds. Wearing this Japanese Tengu mask won’t keep Six safe from harm, but it will certainly make her fit in! With so many nooks &… Read more

Weird, i've just been playing this. Good game which looks brilliant and has a fun but creepy feel.


9% mate?! Got me on edge here :D


Their site is so slow :(


Try to open it on PC mate then. It appears either an issue with HUKD or the mobile version. Or you get access through VIP corner on their site. Being a VIP is free.


I can't see any other link doesn't load the page

Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale DLC (PS4/PS Vita) Free - Exclusive to VIP Club @ Bandai
Posted 7th Jul 2017Posted 7th Jul 2017
Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale DLC (PS4/PS Vita) Free - Exclusive to VIP Club @ Bandai
Exclusive Digital Manga 1 month exclusivity! Especially made for the fans of Sword Art Online the movie, SAO Ordinal Scale Pack includes: -Kirito Ordinal Scale Costume -Asuna Or… Read more

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