Bang Goes The Theory - Teacher's pack
Bang Goes The Theory - Teacher's pack

Bang Goes The Theory - Teacher's pack

What is the Bang Goes The Theory Teacher's pack?

BBC Learning has compiled a BBC resource pack using some of the best clips from the first two series of BBC One's Bang Goes The Theory. Each clip is accompanied by curriculum-based lesson plans and resources that teachers can use to produce science lessons for 11-16 year olds.

Why are we producing the pack?

Recent research conducted by the BBC showed that 99% of teachers questioned wanted to see more of this kind of content and support from the BBC with links to quality programming. After the success of the first series of Bang Goes The Theory, we want even more people to put science to the test across the UK in 2010, and we want schools to be a central part of this.

What does the pack cover?

The resource pack includes a DVD that is divided into sections and has been edited from the first two series of Bang Goes The Theory. Each section looks at a topic from the National Curriculum for science and is accompanied by a corresponding lesson plan and resources.

The pack has been designed and produced in collaboration with education and science experts. It aims to inspire learning in young people and provide new and creative ways to teach the 11-16 science curriculum.

The DVD will be provided with options for both English and Welsh subtitles, and the lesson plans will also be available in the Welsh language.

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Thank you. Ordered for the wife.

Ta! very usefull, Ive just been timetabled 10 hours of Science next year so this will be great!

Very good show I wish I was taught this way in school.

ta, i'm a science teacher, sure i could make use of this somewhere somehow, when practicals dont work or the powerpoint wont load! or snow days!
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