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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal Xbox - Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Over-Ear Headphones - £190 @ Only Branded / Amazon

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The deals for this headset keep getting better and better! The Xbox edition now up to 58% off on amazon. Usual RRP £449

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Engineered for gaming
Discover wireless headphones engineered for gaming and designed to match your lifestyle. With sound finely tuned by Bang & Olufsen engineers, ANC and Dolby Atmos for Beoplay Portal offer impressive and spacious sound, perfect for gaming, chatting or listening to music. The comfortable lightweight design looks as good as it feels and ensures you can keep wearing them for longer.

Designed for Xbox
With our shared passion for immersive and dynamic experiences, Bang & Olufsen and Xbox have teamed up to bring a precise and powerful sound experience to your gaming.

Xbox Limited Series means that Beoplay Portal have been tailored to the desires of Xbox fans with maximum performance in mind – a pledge that assures an enhanced gaming experience on Xbox.

Minimalist Scandinavian design
Bringing a Scandinavian design aesthetic to the world of gaming headphones, Beoplay Portal combines long-wear comfort and premium materials with a pleasing, minimalist form.

Comfortable gaming headphones
Discover noise cancelling headphones designed to enhance your gaming experience as well as deliver powerful sound and crystal clear conversations.

Enjoy Dolby Atmos for Headphones and lossless 2.4GHz sound on all Windows connections. Pair with Xbox for a seamless wireless connection every time you want to play. You can also wirelessly connect to your gaming PC with an optional Xbox dongle. The included USB-C offers a wired connection that will charge your headphones as you play. Bluetooth 5.1 also offers a stable connection ideal for gaming on your phone, dialling into a work call or chatting with friends on your commute.

With a comfort-focused design, Beoplay Portal can be worn and enjoyed for hours on end. Memory foam ear cups with jaw support combined with a lightweight headband featuring unique offset-padding ensures long lasting comfort. This is matched be a powerful battery with up to 12 hours of wireless performance, Beoplay Portal gaming headphones offer extended hours of full immersion when connected to Xbox. Utilising Bluetooth only, the battery life lasts up to 24 hours with ANC on. Remove background noise, get comfortable and immerse yourself in your latest game.


  • Engineered for gaming: Be quick off the mark on audio cues with lossless connection to PlayStation and PC. Intuitive controls and immersive sound make the most of your gaming experience.
  • Adaptive active noise cancellation: Be fully immersed in your game, wherever you are. Active noise cancellation lets you tune out background noise and leave your surroundings behind.
  • Exceptionally comfortable: Lightweight frame, high-end materials and a pressure-relieving design – headphones that can be worn comfortably all day long.
  • Dolby Atmos Sound: Utterly immersive, virtual surround sound powered by Dolby Atmos – take your gaming experience to the next level.
  • Crystal clear conversation: Plan your next move in co-op or catch up with friends. Own Voice technology and our innovative array of built-in mics keep conversations clear.

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  1. Avatar
    Blimey do these really sell for £449? If so that’s a superb deal
    No. They are generally around the £250 mark.
  2. Avatar
    I was looking at these but have heard the mic is no good. Anyone have any feedback?
    One of my Xbox friends has them, the mic is really annoying, always loads of noise from his headset and weird off-mic sound. Basically good headphones for the wearer but terrible for everyone else!
  3. Avatar
    Good price for these.

    They’re good for playing games like COD with Dolby Atmos on XBox, comfortable to wear and whilst not the best, the mic is by no means the worst I’ve ever used. I also surprisingly find I like the tuning of these headphones for general listening to music.

    They had a lot of issues when initially released including surprisingly radio interference making them crackle randomly and even sometimes disconnect/drop out. I suspect the price crash compared to the PC/PS version was largely down to this less than stellar beginning.

    The biggest disappointment I found with these headphones was their woeful PC compatibility. Despite their marketing. The fact that these still can’t be used reliably on a PC with Dolby Atmos enabled is quite frankly unforgivable.

    Still if your use case is exclusively XBox then at this price they’re a good buy. My only other caution would be that given some of the early models defects, I’d be a little nervous about buying one from an unknown supplier unless I was certain they were recently manufactured.
  4. Avatar
    Really banging price, this should be scorchio!
  5. Avatar
    Nice price, was looking at these recently but opted for the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pros instead. (edited)
    Nice! I reckon the Nova Pros are a better choice if gaming is your #1 use case.
  6. Avatar
    Decent price 🔥🔥🔥
  7. Avatar
    is there much of a difference vs these cheaper Bang & Olufsen that I bought recently off Amazon? amazon.co.uk/dp/…_dp (edited)
    These double as officially licensed Xbox headphones with noise cancelling and Dolby Atmos. They’re a steal at this price.
  8. Avatar
    Damn, what a great price
  9. Avatar
    Reviews suggest great sound but terrible mic and battery life. Seems like a great price tho if the cons don’t bother you (edited)
    Bad battery life is the nail in the coffin for any portable or wireless electronics.

    20 years ago I'd have chosen my headphones based purely on the best sound quality. Now I'm older and wiser (but with perfect hearing still) I'd opt for the comfiest pair of headphones with the best battery life.

    It's hard to appreciate good sound if you're in pain, or your headphones are out of juice.
  10. Avatar
    Allnincan say is everyone has different hearing. I purchased a £300 bose headset and didn't like it. A Sony headset At £120 sounded amazing to me. Now i have a set of astros that are even better. Whati am saying is don't purchase because it a deal. Test them out first
    I know what you’re saying diddytitz, muddy or poorly controlled audio can rarely be fixed no matter what you do, eq. wise, etc.. Despite this I’ve found most of Bose mid and high range equipment are quite, if not very competent. I think what you’re describing is a headphones tuning or sound signature out of the box. Some high end manufactures like Bose for example I find have an absolute flat, neutral sound. That is to say, equal emphasis on the base, mids and highs. Other manufactures emphasis the base and the highs a touch giving effectively a ‘U’ or slightly warmer sound signature, etc., etc..

    Whilst I agree it is always better to try before you buy, that’s sometimes not practical. Especially when you’re presented with a deeply discounted genuine but short lived sale proposition. In this case, if you’re like me and take a chance purchasing blind I’d strongly suggest anyone who finds the sound of their new headphones not to their taste out of the box to try and use a graphics equaliser to modify the sound to better match their own preference before giving up on them. I know of a few audiophiles who even insist that you don’t actually know what the sound signature of your new headphones or speakers for that matter is until you’ve ran them in for at least 48-72 hours solid. When apparently everything has loosened/freed up a little.
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