Bang & Olufsen H6 Limited Edition Closed Headphones - £179.90 - Home AV Direct

Bang & Olufsen H6 Limited Edition Closed Headphones - £179.90 - Home AV Direct

Found 16th Jul 2014
Usually £329, these are a new colour, but the normal ones are rarely reduced so if you think this looks nice then win win

These are some of my favourite headphones I've ever heard (and I've heard a lot). If you're looking for something that's got some pleasing bass kick then these are not for you. These are high-end neutral sounding headphones. They're super light, Comfy as hell (even around the neck, not like the Beyerdynamic DT770s!), Isolate well, look cool (IMO), but best of all they sound really clear, balanced and detailed. Honestly they're well worth the original asking price of £329.

Just my opinion, but I found then to sound better than the Sennheiser Momentum, Amperior, B&W P7, Philips L1 and way better than the Beyer DT770 and Audio Technica M50. All of those are more bassy than neutral anyway. The B&O H6 is more like the Senneiser HD600, or the AKG K701 (without the harshness).

You can also get these at this price from Amazon with Home AV Direct as a seller, if you prefer Amazon's shopping basket.
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brilliant price...not sure about the colour though, voted HOT!

brilliant price...not sure about the colour though, voted HOT!

Yeah I totally agree. I initially hated the colours, but they're starting to grow on me.
Check here for a better picture:…/H6
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Very girly! Good price though.

Very girly! Good price though.

Guess the decided to go all out on this one
lol where did they find that guy
Bought 2 pairs, arrived next day whilst on holiday in the middle of nowhere, DPD did a great job finding us.

The Cans-

For this price you are getting an amazing deal! The build quality is excellent, the materials used to put these together are far far better then another branded plastic pair I was going to buy (Bose), the sound quality is also out of this world for this price point, used them to playback Spotify, iTunes and Tune In radio stuff and all sound excellent

The colour is nowhere as bright as it looks either, actually quiet a smart dark blue, and defiantly better looking than a pair of dull grey, silver or black pair of headphones that I was going to buy.

Remember it's all personal opinion, but for my money a very good deal if you are looking for a pair of cans
Here's my mini review I just posted on tge what hifi forums:

" Ha! I finally managed to pick some up in the latest sale (which seems to still be on). They came today and I absolutely love the sound, so nicely balanced and detailed. I'm amazed by the comfort too, they're so small and light considering how good they sound. The only problem is I gave them to the wife to try and she loves them so much she wants to keep them for herself o.0

They're one of the only headphones that doesn't sound meh on my Samsung phone (Note II), but they still sound better on an iPhone (4). I then plugged them directly into my Thinkpad Yoga and holly wow did it sound awful!! So I broke out the Ifi iDAC. I was expecting a difference here, but was astounded at just how much better the sound quality got. It went from bar far the worst (laptop) to by far the best (iDAC). A huge change like this seems to be a testament to a very well balanced and accurate sound reproduction. I didn't expect this from something with such a fashionable badge, something that looks like it's built for posing. I really think that the H6 deserves it's full asking price. A few headphones have come out in the last year or so that try to do style, sound and comfort well, but the H6 beats them all for me, especially in the sound department. They almost seem underpriced considering the badge so any reduction like this is really something. I for one am glad I could finally afford a pair, after many months of testing in shops and borrowing from friends.

I'm sorry this sounds like advertising (if you know my reviews hopefully you'll know I'm not influenced), but I'm genuinely inspired and excited to write about these."
Took a punt on these and I must say they are among they best headphones I have ever heard. The soundscape is right up my street. They need something decent to drive them though - not worth buying for mobile use in my opinion.
Thanks! Bought! but via Amazon for Sunday delivery on amazon prime trial
I prefer the blue over the standard colours too so this is brilliant. Can't wait to begin using them on my iPod.
Awesome at this price. Why isn't this over 100 degrees? HUKD is great, but confuses me at times.....
It's a bit of a slow burner, even if it still isn't that hot. The day I put it up I don't think it even hit 60 degrees.

I've been listening to these for a couple of weeks now and they keep surprising me. Connect them to a high end headphone amp and they sound even more amazing.
Ordered and confirmed as tomorrow delivery :0 Hot from me
Congrats! Listening to mine right now on an Ifi amp and they're stunning!

This seems to have been expired now, even though the deal is still on. Oh well, I'm glad you found them, sure you won't be disappointed!
Arrived this morning and v happy, thanks for posting and saving me quite a few quid
Still available so why expired.
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