Bangai-O Spirits (DS) for £9.99 @ Game (Plus 9% Quidco)
Bangai-O Spirits (DS) for £9.99 @ Game (Plus 9% Quidco)

Bangai-O Spirits (DS) for £9.99 @ Game (Plus 9% Quidco)

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Cheapest I have seen it. Supposedly quite a good game - worth having a look at a few reviews to see if you might like it. With GAME reward points (25p) and Quidco (9%) this could end up costing you just £8.84.

Product description:
Bangai-O Spirits provides gamers with addictive shooter gameplay, punishing supermoves and a sensory overload of fireworks onscreen, with strategic and tactical elements and TREASURE's quirky design style. The game also offers co-op, competitive multiplayer for 1-4 players via local wireless, a powerful level editor tool which allows players to edit in-game levels or create new ones from scratch, and the revolutionary new ability to transfer data among DS systems through sound data transfer technology known as Sound Load.


Oh god, best deal ever.

It is a very good game my son is hooked , hot deal

Great game

excellent game which in my opinion is one of the best available on the ds. Should be a must play for ds owners. hot price...:w00t:

Awesome game! Potentially infinite replay value as you can make your own levels and download other people's off of youtube etc. Old school shooter game (remake of a dreamcast game!), scores 83% on Metacritic, damn addictive and brutally hard as you get further in. Bliss

Excellent game, takes a few plays to realise the brilliance.

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Been playing it a bit - quite fun, but a lot of the gameplay is working out the right weapons to make use of for each level.

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I have edited the deal to reflect the current price at GAME.
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