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Teclast M89 Hexacore tablet with Retina display £97.89 @ BangGood
Found 13 h, 20 m agoFound 13 h, 20 m ago Thought this looked a VERY tasy bit of kit for the cash and is very well reviewed online, linked the best review I could find above. Seems abou… Read more
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You might want to change the title to Teclast rather than Telecast This is comparable to the Xiaomi pad 4 but half the Antutu score, if that means anything to you. Great price though and Gorilla corning glass. Won't play fortnite though as yet

Huawei Honor Band 4, 0.95" AMOLED @ Banggood
Found 15 h, 37 m agoFound 15 h, 37 m ago
An alternative to the Mi Band 3, with this trying to be more of a smartwatch than a fitness tracker. Make sure to use the voucher code at checkout to get this price.

Why? I'm curious :/


No more Huawei or Xiaomi for me.


Purchased from AE for around 25....still waiting for delivery


good band. could do with another update or 2 and more faces/colour options but like it and ive had a few now


£24.60 from AliExpress

Digital LCD Bathroom Wall Clock Waterproof / Timer / Humidity / Thermometer / Alarm Clock @ Banggood for £3.97
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 17 h, 19 m agoFound 17 h, 19 m ago
Thought this might come in handy for the bathroom, put a timer on for my other half that showers longer than most people bath!

I get ..'This coupon can only be used 300 times' expired?


And the alarm? How are you going to stop your OH from cheating by pressing a 'pause' button? I know you weren't serious.


Why does no one read?!


before the code I guess?


:/ Why would anybody need timer and alarm in a bathroom? :/

Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Global Version, 6.18 inch, 6GB RAM, 64GB, Snapdragon 845 £250.84 @ BangGood
Found 17 h, 45 m agoFound 17 h, 45 m ago
Yet another Pocophone post. Probably the best phone one can buy for this price. You decide if the £40 price difference between this and the UK-based ones is worth it. Apply code a… Read more

Is it because it's plastic? It might be plastic but I found it pretty well built. Then it was put in a case.


I'm using it at the moment and no issues with it.


Try comparing it to the mi8, Nokia's or even Motorola's in the similar price range then you'll see. It's cheap for a reason!


The build is pretty solid. What's wrong with it?


No NFC, screen bleed issues, poor build quality. It's not worth the saving over its peers imo

Xiaomi Mi8, Global Version, 6.21 inch, 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM, Snapdragon 845 £286.47 @ BangGood
Found 17 h, 48 m agoFound 17 h, 48 m ago
Good phone. I tried it in the London Mi Store and it felt great. Apply voucher code at checkout to get this price. Display 6.21-inch Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Front Camera… Read more

At £286 for an SD 845, HDR screen. IR face unlock, Dual GPS.etc,etc. 2X an Mi8 = £75 more than a OP6T. The choice is easy for me. Thr Flagship killer, KILLER (y)


Needs to be a better price unless Xiaomi will cover the warranty in the UK for global devices


whilst your pocophone is not really worth it - this is a good price for the mi8 global ed.

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Xiaomi Gaming Laptop Intel Core Intel i7-7700HQ GTX 1060 8G 1T 128G SSD 15.6inch Mi Notebook - i7 8GB £891.44 @ BangGood
Found 18 h, 7 m agoFound 18 h, 7 m ago
Seem like a really good alternative to a Razer Blade. Thicker, but also half the price.

Just watch the carrier, I got mine from lightinthebox and despite saying not to use DHL thats who they used. However even with 170 VAT charge its was miles cheaper than the equivalents. I have the i7 laptop pro and its pretty good.


You are correct.


Looking at the spec list above, I think the 8G in the title refers to the main ram rather than on the graphics card.


Thanks. Today I learned that. Much appreciated


Apparently you don't get the section 75 insurance if you use PayPal, even if its linked to your credit card. I like the convenience of PayPal too but switch to using my card direct for purchases over £100, just in case. ;)

Solar Powered LED Motion Sensor Waterproof Outdoor Light @ Banggood
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 18 h, 12 m agoFound 18 h, 12 m ago
I like the idea of this. No need to wire anything + solar powered. I'm sceptical on how bright it'll be, although it says "LED: 6500k-7000k 280Lumens" which should be bright enough… Read more

These are very bright and remain so even during the winter with little sun


Got one from Lidl equivalent of this light- 5 years on, no problems


weve got a similar one on our back door and surprisingly it has been working even in this bad weather the last few weeks!


I agree and voted hit for this little deal - spread that sunshine ;-)


Haha yeah that's true. Although so long as it gets some direct sunlight during the day it should be fine I'd imagine? Don't have much experience with solar powered stuff outside of those little stick in the ground garden lights.

KCASA KC-MT10 Ultra-thin Lighter Fingerprint Sensing USB Rechargeable Flameless Lighter @ Banggood for £3.97
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 19 h, 21 m agoFound 19 h, 21 m ago
I'm not a smoker myself, but was thinking about getting this for my brother. Looks like quite a cool idea and saves on buying / refilling lighters. No idea how effective it is thou… Read more

I certainly have. It's just a bit disappointing. I order things from that part of the world all the time through other sites, this was my first Banggood order...maybe just unlucky :(


From what you just said I'd lay the blame at Royal Mails doorstep...


Ordered, let’s see if we receive it. Never ordered from site before.


At £3.97 you'll have no customs charges, Plus the payment method has nothing to do with getting stung for extra duty payments it's the item value that matters.


It's powerful, how many did you order? Say it doesn't arrive what do we do

VOYO i8 Helio X27 Deca Core Dual 4G LTE 4GB+64GB 2.5D 9.7" 2K Screen Android 8.0 Tablet - £127.90 @ Banggood
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
My first ever deal posting. Be gentle (y) Available on preorder. Specs are great bang for your bucks. Certainly looks to have the specs to beat the lenovo 10 plus and the other … Read more
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It's definitely USB c


That's also micro USB not usb-c according to the description


Get one of These for around £140 in a sale, similar spec but with gps and usb-c. I'm using mine all the time and it's great.


possibly good spec but dont expect ANY warranty support from either voyo or Banggood ... once its bought , its no longer their problem. Use your credit card to buy ....section 21 n all. YmmV 8)


Specs seem amazing


Why do you have any expectations that these and anything around the £5 mark will be any good.


I’ve bought a couple of cheap health monitors in the past and neither worked correctly. Ended up buying a Fitbit.


A bin filler me thinks. Tried 2 of these now and neither worked properly.

Nubia M2 Global Rom 5.5 inch 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Octa Core 4G Smartphone - Gold £119.38 @ Banggood
Found 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
A little old but not obsolete, cracking phone for the price. SD 625 processor, 4GB/64GB. Will probably not get updates, currently on Marshmallow. Remember as with all Chinese sel… Read more
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Build quality of this phone is very good, it was $400 dollars when it first came out and promoted by Ronaldo. Price quickly came down because it was overpriced for the spec but it's a good phone apart from the camera and you can put Lineage on it to update it.


I've got this phone and the battery life is amazing. Good build quality as well. It is possible to put Lineage 14 or 15 or RR on it (see XDA forum) but the battery life is not as good. Real downside is the camera, very grainy night shots. (Also no NFC)


I had a Nubia z7 max before. Started well but became the most frustrating phone to use. No software updates and I could barely load any apps despite having a good CPU. The headphone socket gave in after a while, as did the micro USB charging port. Despite initial good impression of design, I wouldn't recommend the brand.


I had one of these. Perfectly good phone - great screen, great battery, decent spec, decent build quality, somewhat old version of android. Black one cost me £97 last year. Reasonably warm I'd say!


No Android One. Likely very old Android security update. Combined with China phone? Probably best to stick to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi 4 In 1 Flower Plant Light Temperature Tester Garden Soil Moisture Nutrient Monitor - £7.06 using code @ Banggood
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
Xiaomi really do make everything! I'm thinking about getting this for a friend that does a fair bit of gardening. Can't decide if it's a bit gimmicky or actually useful... the desc… Read more

Same here, missed it, any new codes please ?


I wanted to buy several also, any more codes anyone?


Another code maybe OP?


Code has reached the limit /300/ :(


im gonna just straight up ask any one used one in conjunction with hydro "chili's"

XANES MI3 0.96'' TFT IP68 Waterproof Smart Bracelet Remote Camera Sleep Blood Oxygen Monitor Smart Watch £7.54 Delivery Included @ BangGood
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 30th NovFound 30th Nov
No chance of customs as its under that magical £15. I though this looked, and sounded quite good, kind of looks like a Miband 3 for much less price, and a colour screen, with most… Read more

How little are we talking? You want to be able to look up their location live? If possibly get them a small cheap phone and install an appropriate app instead. Or look for some kind of dedicated tracker maybe. GPS data is almost always recorded on a device then the information downloaded later. For it to be remotely accessible live you'd need the device to have an internet connection, probably via a SIM card. Even the most expensive smartwatches are unlikely to have it.


Got one, rubbish for anything but the watch function, battery needs recharging every few days, also has no charger or charging cable and a pig of a design to charge


That would be good to know. If you find one please post it. Thanks.


I don't know mate, unless I have a good look, but you can do that yourself surely! :)


This is great i got one last week for 6.99 with a code but this is still a great price... heat from me

Digital Alarm Clock with Temperature Thermometer and Backlit LCD £2.61 @ Banggood
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Very cheap and cheerful alarm clock. Personally, I just get my other half to jam me with an electric cattle prod first thing, but maybe this will work better for you.

Link is not working


Doesn't everyone just use their phones as an alarm? Looks ok for the money tho.


Available at Ikea for around £3 I think


No stock. From available USA stock £ 5.54


No stock!

Xiaomi Yeelight YLDP06YL E26 E27 10W RGBW Smart LED Bulb Wifi App Control AC100-240V - E27 £12.57 @banggood
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Think this is cheapest i have seen for version 2 bulb use code YLB130 at checkout to bring price down to £12.57 Brand: Xiaomi Lamp holder:E27(EU version), E26(US version) Voltag… Read more



Main difference is the brightness this version 2 bulb is 800 lumens and the one in your link is version 1 bulb which is 600 lumens otherwise basically the same


Can anyone tell me what’s the difference between the bulb in this listing, and the bulb here in this link -


Damn too late... code doesn't work any more :(


I've said it before and I'll no doubt say it again. I have both Hue and Yeelight. Hue goes in my main rooms where I need the added functionality - for example, screen mirroring from my TV. Yeelights are in my up & downstairs hallway, patio entrance & bedroom. The patio turns on when my ring doorbell is pressed. Motion sensors trigger the up & downstairs hall lights from dusk til dawn. HOWEVER - those motion sensors require a hub, and the hub demands the Chinese server, and since I have both the V1 and V2 Roborock hoovers, I have had to split my Yeelight estate between China (Hub, hallway lights, motion sensors) and Singapore (Patio, bedroom, both hoovers). That in itself is a major problem. I had to dust off an old phone to be able to fully utilise my Yeelight products as I now require the app to be signed in to both China and Singapore. If it weren't for the TV mirroring aspect, I wouldn't have a single Hue bulb.

Zeblaze THOR 4 Pro 4G WIFI GPS 1.6 inch LTPS Crystal Display 1+16G Android7.1 Watch Phone £79.82 @ Banggood
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Not that familiar with this brand, but there's a flash offer running at the moment. Has anyone tried this or similar?

I wish there were more options for a premium Android smartwatch. There's only really Samsung and to some extent Huawei but pretty much all of their devices are flawed in some way. I've been looking for something to replace my Apple Watch so that I can switch from iOS but until the Apple Watch has some real competition, I'm kinda stuck (annoyed)


What £500 watch are you comparing it to?


yeah that's what i meant. it gets very annoying very quickly and u end up not using your watch. pity.


"Lack of apps" it runs full android with the play store. There's no lack of apps as a result! However, those apps may need to be run in 'square screen mode' where a square in the middle of the circle display is used. Not the best experience.


Does it have NFC?

Geekcreit® U NO R3 ATmega328P Development Board For Arduino No Cable @ Banggood - £2.45
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Another flashsale. Cheapest price I could find on this, even across alternative brands I couldn't find anything comparable.



I thought it's an open source hardware ... so anyone can make & sell it. So it's just a different brand, no?


WiFi is better, but for tinkering with modules, you'll need something that can Input and output 5v, the 8266 is 3.3v generally, with only some pins "tolerant " to 5v Inputs. So I wouldn't let beginners near this unless they understand the whole 3.3v thing and what that means for them using modules.


I always use the alternative boards, including this brand, no problems whatsoever.


For tinkering with. Have a look at the pictures of the first few things people have built.

BlitzWolf® BW-TC15 3A USB Type-C Charging Data Cable 5.9ft/1.8m For Oneplus 6 Xiaomi Mi8 Mix 2s S9+ @ Banggood - £2.30
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Currently a flash offer running on these cables. Might be useful for anybody getting the Oneplus 6 that popped up earlier.

This isn't suitable for OnePlus devices


Normal cable has no resistor, some have 10 k ohms resistor. USB C is fast charging, so you need the cable to have a 56 k ohms resistor. Otherwise there is a chance you will fry your device. Does not means will happen, but why take the risk?


Pls explain it more


Pretty sure that this isn't VOOC compatible, the description states it supports up to 3A but VOOC/Dash charging requires 4A so it'll fast charge QC compatible devices, but no good for Oneplus users! :(


No mention of this having a 56k ohm resistor. Don't use this with a switch unless it has one.