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0% on balance transfers for 32 months - M&S CREDIT CARD
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
0% on balance transfers for 32 months, available for 90 days from account opening (0.99% fee applies, minimum £5) 0% on shopping for 6 months Earn M&S points every time you s… Read more
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I rang through and they said they wouldn't give me the limit til I sent back the form.. what number are you lot ringing? Cheers in advance


Great, glad you got it sorted!

Cheers for that. Just called the application team, told me the limit and said if its not what I wanted to call when the card comes through and they will increase it.


Hi and @frozencake (highfive) Yes, I called before the contract came and they told me over the phone, no hassle at all. You need to speak to the Applications team I believe. They are only open 8am-8pm I believe, normal customer services don't have access to this info.

M&s bank £220 switch incentive for m&s credit card customers
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
£220 M&S gift card when you switch and stay We thought you might be interested in an award-winning current account, packed with benefits and rewards, with no monthly fee. And w… Read more

Thanks for posting (highfive) Nice little bonus...


Can you do this if already taken out an M and S banking switch for £100 in the past? oh begger, u cant if done in the past, open or closed, good deal though have some heat :D


I have a Barclays, first direct account and m&s. Although the MS app has improved slightly over last few months it's still no where near as good as Barclays. I've had Halifax and coop previously, and Barclays is the best app by far, and MS the most basic.


It works for me, it does the kob its mean to.


Great deal for those who have their credit cards. Thanks for sharing OP!

M & S Bank - Current Account Switch Reward = £125 gift card +  £5 for 12 months for staying
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
£185 M&S gift card . Once you’ve switched using the Current Account Switch Service, including two active Direct Debits, we'll send you a £125 M&S gift card . But that's no… Read more

Try this


Link doesn’t work


I have just followed your instruction and signed up to 2 PayPal accounts however I can't link both PayPal accounts to the same bank a pop up comes up saying that bank has already been used to link to another PayPal account please help


Doesn’t say you need to switch any direct debits? Just mentions that you need two once the account is running to get the additional £5 gift per month


Manually each month

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M&S balance transfer card for 32 months @ 0% apr. Plus £25 cashback. Transfer less than £2525 and some of the cashback will pay off your fee!
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
M&S CREDIT CARD This M&S credit card* offers a decent 0% period, and if you're accepted you'll definitely get the full 32 months. Plus, apply via our link by 9 May and t… Read more

Yes thats exactly what it does and even though it has a fee depending on how much you transfer the cashback will pay part of the fee or all of it and pay of some of your balance too! I'e you ran out of months and are now paying 19.9% apr you transfer the £2,000 to this This will cost you £20 but the cashback is £25 Bingo you now have £1995 to pay back and 32 months interest free to pay it off.


So I can pay off a credit card with a high APR with this M&S card, is that what a balance transfer is? I have just applied for the deal and been accepted. Thanks for sharing.


Good deal


That's because its an MSE exclusive so not directly on the M&S website!


Good man you stated that the info came from MSE.

M&S Bank. 90% LTV two-year fixed mortgage 2.09%, £995 fee, £1,000 cashback
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
M&S Bank have launched its first mortgage range and is particularly aiming at first-time buyers needing a high loan-to-value (LTV), although there are also products for movers … Read more
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Please make it clear they operate a discriminatory policy of only considering UK citizens for their mortgage applications regardless of the individual's financial health, responsibility or creditworthiness. No deal is better than a bad deal.


Excellent deal if you only have a 10% deposit. Although since UK rates are historically low I would recommending a fix with a larger deposit, maybe 20%, fixing for a much longer period - 5 or 10 years. Depends on your individual circumstances though I guess.


Can I make overpayments? Yes, you can make overpayments of up to 10% of your mortgage balance in each year of the fixed rate period, without incurring an early repayment charge. If you exceed your annual overpayment allowance, an early repayment charge will be charged on the amount you have repaid above the 10% allowance. At the end of the fixed rate period, you are able to make unlimited overpayments. Any early repayment charge applicable will be calculated based upon the percentage charge at the time of the overpayment as detailed within your European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS) document. Can I pay off the mortgage early? If you fully repay your mortgage whilst you are in the fixed rate period you will incur an early repayment charge. Details of the early repayment charge will be set out in your ESIS document. Will I incur an exit fee? No, we do not charge an exit fee.


2.48% is for their 86% to 90% LTV. For the 91% to 95%, the rate is 3.85%. On a 150k mortgage, it would cost you around £5,200 more interest than the M&S deal over the two years. It works out better for the 86% to 90% range.


Danske do a 95% LTV and give you up to £1500 back in cash if you take 150k mortgage at 3.85%. No fees.

Free £125 M&S gift card + £5/mth for a year + linked 5% savings. M&S Bank gives new switchers a £125 M&S gift card, and for the first year it'll add another £5/mth. It also offers a 5% fixed regular savings account and to some, a £100 0% overdraft
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
M&S CURRENT ACCOUNT £185 M&S gift card when you switch and stay Footnote 1* , plus… Access to a 5% AER/gross fixed rate for 12 months with the M&S Monthly Saver … Read more

Obviously, giving you a M&S card...isn't real cash, as it forces you to buy from their store...thus it's probably only worth £25 in real cost to them.


Your missing the point too its not about it been been an exclusive switching deal BUT where the source of the information came from that's all ;)


Thanks. I did this a few months ago. Gift card sent within a month, and £5 credited to gift card every month. Savings also set up, and earning 5% (£75 pa). Yes, it takes a bit of effort, and they do a follow up call with questions, but you do get a free £125 M&S card for it. Internet Banking is a hassle with the small disk they give you to enter a code each time, and as I have other banks, that encourages me to not use their bank for daily banking. Will switch out again when year is up, but that's what has to be done to get any 'interest' from banks at the moment. The OP took time to post this, and the description is almost the same as the M&S website, where she may have got it from. It is also advertised elsewhere, so the flack about not mentioning MSE are a bit unfair....they are not exclusive for switching deals.


I switched a few months back. Gift card paid for Xmas good, will do same this year.


I looked into this a few months whilst lookingfor a new bank. Short of asking for your inside leg measurement they ask for an awful lot of information which to be honest put me off.

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M&S Bank £185 gift card if you switch and stay plus £100 0% ear overdraft
Found 4th Oct 2017Found 4th Oct 2017
M&S CURRENT ACCOUNT £185 M&S gift card when you switch and stay Footnote 1* , plus… Access to a 5% AER/gross fixed rate for 12 months with the M&S Monthly Saver… Read more

I think it took about a month to come.


How quick did you recieve your gift card ?


When you've got the account accepted ,phone m&s customer services and they'll do it over the phone and you can even pick a switch date that suits you .


Can someone advise how this works? I have gone through application process to switch and not once did it ask for details of my current "current account"


bank says app will be updated November, but yeh, pain in the rear end that pin code thing.

£185 of M&S vouchers for switching your current account
Found 4th Aug 2017Found 4th Aug 2017
From mse The M&S Bank* Current Account gives you a £125 M&S gift card, with no minimum pay-in, plus reward points when you shop in M&S. You also get a decent £100 0%… Read more

Check nationwide.... no dd requirement for £206.25... and 2 dd for refer a frnd and switch £100 refer a frnd and switch £125 if you can keep £2500 in savings account £81.25 if you can put aside £250 per month (this was £500 sometime back) Total - £306.25 Next option first direct. £100 switching £97.50 if you can put asidr £300 max 5% regular saver Total - £197.50 check moneysavingexpert website.... some good options there...


it only last a year, i signed up. to reward Last year with just 5 pounds using cash back, now i got nothing and rubbish interest rates, the tsb offers are bonus that last year


Why not open one each and get double the money? Then join them later...


I thought with the plus account you get a fiver a month plusextra fiver for spending a fe times on debit cards.


Can we open a joint account with this?

M&S Bank 25 Months 0% Purchase Credit Card + £55 M&S Vouchers
Found 1st Aug 2017Found 1st Aug 2017
Accepted new M&S credit card holders get a decent 25 months 0% on spending. Plus those who apply by 31 Aug and spend at least £100 on it by 30 Sep will get a £50 M&S vouch… Read more

Chasing this up a bit late. Did we need to go through any specific link to get the £50vouchers? I think I just clicked on the get deal link in here.


Boooooooooooom, £50 credit on card for me and £50 for Ol' lady.........Top banana vassy1 great find :D


I applied via the link on hot UK I think


Did you guys apply via the Money Saving Expert or Money Supermarket links? I haven't received my voucher, and when I asked them about it they've said I'm ineligible because I didn't apply via the money saving site links...


Got two £25 vouchers following my secure message sent online

M&S Credit Card 0% for 25 months not as long as the AA card but £30 cashback + £5 to spend in m&s
Found 9th Jul 2017Found 9th Jul 2017
Surely if you don't need the 2 years 8 months on the aa card then this 2 year card and £30 cashback plus £5 to spend in m&s has to be worth it! Buy that boiler for a grand and … Read more

This looks good to me as I currently have an Aqua card that gives me 0.5 cashback, thought I'd pay my rent on it and voila , quids. :3 Turns out a) You cant set up a direct debit on a credit card b) the card charges interest from the day of purchase thus neatly wiping out any cashback x10. I was a bit shocked to be three months in arrears also : Yikes! *their sandwiches are a bit overpriced tho ...


- though only do your normal spending on it. Argh.. Bl00dy Martin Lewis comment


Unfortunately not. I alternative my cards. Depending on the provider you're normally a new customer in 6-12 months. Most recently I went from Tesco to post office, back to Tesco, then to AA. Picking up £30 a pop. As soon as you get the cashback close the account. You're only limited by how many applications you want on your file. I have several current accounts and regularly change my utilities etc so don't get as much as I could as my credit rating is very good. Free money for little effort anyway.


Anyone know if M&S Credit Cards are Contactless & Can be used with Apple Pay or Android Pay? Also how simple is the Online Portal & Is there an App for it as well? I believe you wouldn't be eligible as you can't have owned an M&S Credit Card in the last 12 Months to be eligible for this offer sadly!


I have an existing M&S card. Can I close it and apply for new one? How do you change your Credit cards?

£185 M&S vouchers for switching current accounts
Found 28th Apr 2017Found 28th Apr 2017
M&S Bank has upped its switching incentive for new current account customers. People switching their current account to M&S can now get a £125 M&S gift card plus £5 a… Read more
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​true. they refused me because I only work part time :p


they are extremely picky about who they take as customers , expect multiple requests for you to ring them and send in ID . but you do get there in the end . Nice friendly UK call centres


​You can go once you have the £125.


since switching I've not yet had my monthly bonus despite 2 active DDs and £1000 paid in... also the login process is horrible and the app is poor as it just shows your balance. take initial voucher and leave!


thats what switch means... you 'switch'(move) your account from one bank to another..... but there is no limit on bank accounts, just open a new account at whatever bank you are currently with and switch that...... remember to conditions for things like direct debits as some banks require a few to be switched for the reward...

M&S Credit Card Shopping 25 months PLUS £30 cashback!! Plus extra bonus points
Found 27th Apr 2017Found 27th Apr 2017
M&S CREDIT CARD SHOPPING PLUS OFFER Exclusive offer – £30 cashback £30 cashback if you complete a balance transfer of over £100 or spend over £100 on your card by 30 June 2017 … Read more

1 point per pound m&s, 1 point per £2 everywhere else. Now its 1 point per £5 spend everywhere else, so works out that you have to spend £300 more everywhere else compared to how it was before to earn £1 (so £500 to earn £1 reward) so it's not so generous for points on non-m&s spends. I've had hundreds of pounds of vouchers over the years but this really ruined it a bit for rewards


How generous was the scheme previously?


This is a decent card you can spend £100 and get £25 off


The m&s credit card is a decent MasterCard, easy online account access and they are quick to answer calls too. Been using it fur years, only downside is they slashed how the points scheme works so gotta spend a lot now to ever see enough vouchers stack up

M&S Credit Card 32 months BT 0.99% fee but £25 cashback
Found 16th Apr 2017Found 16th Apr 2017
The M&S credit card* offers Accepted cardholders will definitely get the full 32 months 0%, unlike some of the other cards which could accept you then offer fewer interest-free… Read more

Says it will be credited by 31st July providing you meet the following criteria:


got the card. not mention any cashback. did I miss something?


they needed more info about me and today received an email. :) cool. thanks OP for posting the deal. [img]{{/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.tippingcanoe.hukd/files/Pictures/thread2666420/1492623727560_transformed.png}}[/img]


Eligibility criteria for the cashback 5. To be eligible for the cashback, the following requirements must be met:- a) you are not an existing M&S Credit Card holder and have not held a credit card with M&S within the past 12 months...


Never done this before. Can u transfer balance to more then 1 card?

M & S Home insurance £40 voucher with a valid new buildings and contents policy (also £25.25 TCB cashback)
Found 13th Mar 2017Found 13th Mar 2017
M & S are offering £40 vouchers for a new valid building and contents policy taken out before 28 March. Unusually, the option to pay monthly does not incur any additional fees.… Read more
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You maybe right there. A closer look at the T&C shows this. TCB has tracked. I will keep my fingers crossed!


Doubt that TCB will be payable if M&S offering £40 voucher themselves. That's usually against TCB's T&Cs.


they are asking for double than my current provider ..

M&S Current Account - £100 gift card for switch and up to £120 GC [£10 a month with £1000 paying in]
Found 20th Jul 2016Found 20th Jul 2016
Was looking to switch my current account and this looked like a decent deal.. £100 gift card to switch an existing current account. Switching needs to be done from a current acco… Read more

Ok great thanks for that :D


Its not internal,HSBC,first direct and m&s are classed as separate. Just means from a m&s savings account etc to current account and back.


Just a thought , you know the £1000 pay in , I'm fairly sure it can't be internal and I would class my 1st direct account as internal as its same company as M&s . If I can't do it that way I would have to physically take out £1000 and put into M&s via post office I hop I don't have to do that it's a bit of a faff




can you switch from HSBC ?

M&S Bank, new switch incentive, £100 gift card, plus £10 gift card top up each month equals £220 gift card in a year, plus potentially even more.
Found 5th Jan 2016Found 5th Jan 2016
Its that time of year again when banks want our cash, first out of the blocks was the co-op topcashback deal from yesterday, today M&S have increased their incentives to offer … Read more

How quickly did you get the gift card?


Yes, was told the application includes a minimum £100 overdraft on all accounts and i couldn't apply for one without.


​HSBC has moved on to mobile app so you don't need secure key /token device to log in.


All the sites need a user/password but Natwest for example to send payments to a new payee you need to use a physical device where you put your card in and then the PIN. With Lloyds for example they call you with a code to enter on the phone. This thing:


Do they? I'm with Lloyds but still have to login with password. 2FA would be better, how do you setup SMS/App for authentication?

M&S Current Account - £100 gift card + Dine in for two £10 voucher
Found 13th Aug 2015Found 13th Aug 2015
Found on MoneySavingExpert: Exclusive offer - apply for an M&S Current Account through MoneySupermarket or Money Saving Expert between 11 August and 30 September 2015 and rece… Read more



It's very easy to do. Just open more credit card accounts and Bob's your uncle! However, £100 M&S voucher does not go very far! I'd rather have £100 cash!


heat! the limit on the saving is £250


Also there is a limit of like £300 quid/ month on the 6% saving account. Can't remember the exact figure but yeah, check it out. This is a good deal, I'll be using it soon to switch.


The key point to remember here is that to qualify you must switch an existing account using the account switching service - you cant just open an account and get the gift cards. Not saying its not a good offer, just that you have to read the t&c's carefully