Banks Bitter 500Ml bottle now 75p each at Tesco

Banks Bitter 500Ml bottle now 75p each at Tesco

Found 18th Jun 2013
Deep gold in colour, Banks's Bitter is the outstanding example of classic English ale. A bitter that resonates with tangy and refreshing flavours that only Fuggles and Goldings the classic twin masterpieces of the English Hop Grower's art, can deliver.
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Bargin, bet you wont find it instore thou and your haft to get it delivered. Its 24p cheaper than Aldi
Yeah i have been buying this for over 12 months from Aldi for 99p love the stuff , best bitter on the market in imho
anyway when over to Wolverhampton just before Christmas last year thought i will drop in at the The Park Brewery
( The ancestral home of Bank's Bitter) they got a little shop were you can but Bank's / Marston's beer .
I asked the young lady for 24 bottles thinking its got to be cheaper than Aldi , it worked at £1.30 a bottle , when i said
its 99p at Aldi she said we cant match that.then i said you make it here , she said Aldi buy it on the open market.
Just thought i would pop that in .
Now £1.49
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