Banksy mouse mat and mug placemat 49p @ homebargains

Banksy mouse mat and mug placemat 49p @ homebargains

Found 2nd Dec 2012
Nice looking design, probably not official, who cares?
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This is the smiley policeman face, and a coaster mat pack. I'll put up a decent photo later.
There's no such thing as 'official', he freely lets people download stuff from his site for free, not to be sold though
Is it a set or are they 49p each?
thought Banksy didn't sell merchandise?
Team robbo :P
★Team Robbo★
They had these in before, along with the fridge magnets; was posted on here too. There seemed to be one particular design that didn't sell: the one in the photograph, so I'm not sure if this is just what was left over or if this is new stock? Anyone have any thoughts?

PS Love the two policemen kissing ones, so disarming and cute; have them as a mug placemat and fridge magnets. :-)
What a load of ....
If you'd seen two police men in the street kissing you'd be horrified. Not gay just a waste of tax payers money!!!! Ah let them shift on!!

Plagiarism disguised as Art !

Team King Robbo

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