Banrock station 75cl Shiraz Mataro £2.71 per bottle @ Tesco

Banrock station 75cl Shiraz Mataro £2.71 per bottle @ Tesco

Found 20th May 2009
Spotted on gondola end at the Tesco Express on Brownlow Hill, Liverpool - don't know if it extends to other stores but they seemed to have plenty of stock (tucked around the corner from the wine aisle). Label says reduced from 5.43 (see photo) though on it's 5.22. Pick up a couple!


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Bigger image of the deal:

Probably only a local deal, cold from me.

this looks like an out of date sticker - local deal

but good if your closeby

Tesco are currently having a 'stock reduction plan' whereby the head office in Welwyn Garden City (?) sends down items to be reduced by 50%. These are reduced by the hand scanner and popped onto a reduced to clear shelving section.

It will be local, in that that store had a bottle of it and reduced it down. Most stores have now run out of the wine, as it was pretty popular. Some other bits available are things like ant killer, hair colourant and old sunblock.

Hope this helps!
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