Bar-Be-Quick Lighting Gel 500ml - 2p @ Asda!

Bar-Be-Quick Lighting Gel 500ml - 2p @ Asda!

Found 5th Oct 2010
I spotted loads of bottles of barbecue lighting gel at my local Asda, reduced from £2.25 to £1.50. I picked up four, and noticed that when they were scanned, they came up as 2p each on the till!

Sadly the checkout assistant wouldn't let me have them at this price and charged me £1.50 each instead but maybe you'll have better luck!

I was tempted to pick up a load more bottles and put them through the self checkout, but this would have meant removing all the reduced labels in order to get to the barcode, which would have looked a bit dodgy! Also it's likely that the purchase would be flagged for approval as it's age-restricted, at which point the assistant may notice the odd price.
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By the way, the barcode number is: 5012030991819 (for some reason the receipt shows 501203099181).
super price, bought one of these in the summer, couldn't open it.:)
Stunning price, is there a best before date on these?
which asda was it at?
Mm.. nationwide i wonder?..
Tesco are knocking these out at .75p, bought 2 at the weekend for next season.
if these are anything like the one's tesco sold off last year, they're pants.

act, pants burn better!
Looked at my local Asda the other day to see if they had any BBQ stuff reduced, but didnt find anything!
Night Shift

which asda was it at?

This was in Rugby Asda.
good way to ruin your food using this takes the taste out if not lit properly...
Just a warning, went through a whole bottle of this trying to light a bbq this year, it just kept burning the liquid then going out, ended up walking to the shop and buying some normal firelighters.

Good price but a shoddy product.
I found lighting fluids great for getting anything alight........ other than BBQ's !!!!

Cheap firelighters work every time........

Not expired as I just picked up 4 in London.
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