Baraka Remastered Blu Ray £11.57p (with Walkers code) @ Zavvi

Baraka Remastered Blu Ray £11.57p (with Walkers code) @ Zavvi

Found 31st Oct 2010
If you don't know about this movie then prepare to be amazed, I urge you to check the reviews before you vote. This is a Hot Deal in every sense of the word.

From Nepal to Kenya, from Australia to Brazil, people try to cope with the changes that have altered their landscape, crowding them together and speeding up daily life. The film shows us these alienated people, but also images of traditions -- whirling dervishes and Tibetan monks -- that offer different, peaceful ways of existence. Shot in 70mm in 24 countries, this awesome musical and visual montage in the tradition of 'Koyaanisqatsi' expresses the global existence of nature and man in the broadest sensory terms.

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Amazing movie! Not buying it yet again though...
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