Baraka: Remastered [Blu-ray] [1992]  9.99 delivered @ Amazon

Baraka: Remastered [Blu-ray] [1992] 9.99 delivered @ Amazon

Found 3rd Feb 2011
A visually stunning film shot over 13 months, in 24 countries; Baraka is an overwhelming experience that spans the geographical, cultural and social diversity of our changing planet. Set to an atmospheric sountrack inspired by various rituals and nature itself, the film captures the very essence of man's relationship with the earth, both harmonious and catastrophic. Baraka is a journey of rediscovery. It is the power, the beauty and the rage of life itself. It is the world we live in.

A MUST HAVE for any Blu-Ray fan as a reference material!


beautiful movie!

Stunning to look at AND listen to.

Even with no story (it's a sequence of events rather than a story), I couldn't take my eyes off it. The bigger and better your AV setup, the better it gets ....

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would be nice to see it slightly hotter, as it is the best price...

Great film!
I believe Ron Fricke shot it in 70mm so would love to see the transfer.

Amazing stuff
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