Barbie Junior Kitchen - Half Price £9.99 @ Argos

Barbie Junior Kitchen - Half Price £9.99 @ Argos

Found 7th Apr 2008Made hot 7th Apr 2008
Barbie Junior Kitchen - Half Price £9.99


why no boys ones off to sulk... (but hot non the less!!)

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think i messed up tried to get one myself and there all out of stock

I can't get any near me either

None near me either, maybe someone will get some luck!

none near me either

There may still be some out there somewhere. I work for Argos and spent last week sending old stock toys back to the warehouse. There may be some stores who haven't done so yet! For anyone interested it may be worth going into the stores and asking what clearance stock they have left. The stock doesn't always show on the website. Hope this helps

Sorry meant to add these kitchens were a part of the stock I sent back (2 in fact). So there probably is stock still circulating!

Thanks just reserved one, There are some in Rushden

just reserved one in galasheils they say they have a few if any use to anyone
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