Barbie My House £12.48 Tesco Direct

Barbie My House £12.48 Tesco Direct

Found 14th Sep 2009
Barbie My House £12.48 delivered with voucher

Just brought one for a christmas present - brilliant price!!

Do not know how to add link or pic - feel free to help!!



Thanks for posting. I have added a direct link and an image for you.Emmajk42 / Juliet_Bravo wrote a couple of very comprehensive and excellent guides for newcomers to HUKD here: -…ne/…177
This is a link, made by rayman, which explains how to add images in great detail. It’s worth taking a look at if you are going to post more deals in future : -…hr/
Kind regards Andy

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Thankyou for your help fellow bargain hunters!!!

Am sure you will all agree this is an excellent price for this lovely girls toy - my daughter alread has one and it comes with loads of stuff!! - has kept her busy for hours!!

Which voucher did you use for free delivery, thanks.

I can't find any free delivery vouchers? did u get it at the stated delivered price? thanks

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The actual reduced price of this item is £12.48, so if you spend £50 you can get £5 off hence free delivery!

There is also a £5 of 30.00 voucher - the barbie houses show in the basket at the full price (£24.99) so you only need to make the basket up a little - hope ive made myself kind of clear!!

£5 off 50.00 - TDX-DRET

£5 off £30.00 - TDX-SFFT
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