**Barbie Puppy Swimming School With Pool - £14.47 @ TESCO**

**Barbie Puppy Swimming School With Pool - £14.47 @ TESCO**

Found 16th Oct 2010
Barbie and her faithful pooch Tanner are making a splash as they teach two pups at the Barbie Puppy Swim School with Pool.

Once the puppies have mastered the doggy paddle and are feeling confident enough, they can jump off the diving board and into the water. Wind up Tanner's tail and watch her swim. And, thanks to a magnetic connection, Tanner can push her young along in the water or in the rubber tube.

Push a lever on the back of the Barbie doll and the puppies get dried off with a towel, or she’ll nudge one of them into the swimming pool.

The Barbie Puppy Swimming School pool has a pink trim, while Barbie herself, stylish as ever, is kitted out in matching dress, hairband and towel. (Please note that colours and styles may vary.) The set includes the doll and Tanner dog toys, along with two puppies, the pool itself and cool accessories like a rubber tube, basketball and hoop.

Little misses everywhere will love the Barbie Puppy Swim School. Barbie has been a hugely popular doll in various guises for more than 50 years. The swimming school will be no exception, and is set to be a must-have toy for girls this Christmas. Grab one now!

Selling for £21.99 @ play.com

I got one to put away for my daughter for xmas!

Offer ends 28th October.
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Hot. Nice find. Ordered.
great deal this is around £22 everywhere else - thanks op x
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