Barbie ski chalet with 3 dolls £19.99 @ Argos

Barbie ski chalet with 3 dolls £19.99 @ Argos

Found 1st Aug 2015
I just reserved one of these for my daughter for Christmas, it comes with 3 barbie dolls.
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Out of stock in Northern Ireland stores
OOS in any store within 50miles of me
oos in Scotland too - shame great find
thanks just reserved
just ordered thanks heat added
Just reserved hurrah!
Dorchester had a few on Friday, I picked up 1 and there were still 3 left.
Thanks op, just reserved...another xmas prezzie to put away
Thanks for the post
I hope barbie & friends break their pink outfit based legs on the slopes, doubtless they are the 1 run wonders who have the kit & "retire to the bar" to look the part, hope the pretend Australian barman over charges them big time, & he kicks
off a nasty yeast infection for one of them when the chemist is closed

Don't forget there is a special deal on that gold tinfoil flecked industrial alcohol stuff later on too (ladies)
Another Christmas present sorted, thanks.
Just picked up in grimsby stock on computers there show 24 still in stock
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