BarBQ anyone? Family Size Square Kettle Style Trolley Barbecue Reduced Now Only £15 @ Morrisons

BarBQ anyone? Family Size Square Kettle Style Trolley Barbecue Reduced Now Only £15 @ Morrisons

LocalFound 29th May 2015
Been looking for decent Barbecue, but most are either too small, too short, or too expensive.So doing the shop in Morrisons today and I find really good one, not only that but reduced to only £15! a BarBQ bargain well worth sharing, especially as I've been away from HUKD for a while.

So, firstly it's a decent size, 46x46cm, and a comfortable height of 76cm.It's a kettle style, so comes with a lid, and has trolley wheels like most others, except this one has a hinged lid, so acts as a wind shield, not only that, but it incorporates a fold out warming rack, which I've found a useful addition on some of the previous Barbecues I've had.

Oh yes, incase you're one of those frightened of flat pack kits, it's easy to assemble.

So, since I don't need to tell you how good Morrisons meat is, and that they've got some offers as well, were all set, even picked up large 5kg bag of lumpwood charcoal for a fiver! not bad

Only one problem, what's happened to the sun today?

BTW, should be in all stores that have a gardening section, if they've got any left that is (I puchased at Leighton Buzzard, had about 3 or 4 left on shelf)


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Before I found this, I'd been looking in various places, and I've just remembered where I've seen one similar to this before, it was in Asda, only it was about £29~30, and I don't think it had a warming rack.
Good deal, thanks for sharing ive been looking for a bbq i'll check my local morrisons
Hot! Just nipped out now and bought from cheadle Heath morrisons. Priced at £20 but went through as £15. Two left if anyone interested. Thanks op
just got one today from Stratford there were 3 left on the shelf. no price on the shelf but scanned at £15
I got one yesterday and I have to admit its not bad quality at all for the price. All metal apart from the wheels and handles. Seems sturdy enough once tightened up. One leg seems a bit uneven but that may be due to one of the rubber foot might need adjusting. Not cooked on it yet, lets just hope it sunny this weekend!
just picked it up in Norwich, looks sturdy enough, especially for the money. will be testing it this weekend weather permitting.
Sure been getting my moneys worth out of this BarBQ, done 9 now since I bought it, and still looks good, just had to retighten the legs due to the heat.
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