Barclaycard 0% Balance Transfer for 20 months  { 0% Fee }

Barclaycard 0% Balance Transfer for 20 months { 0% Fee }

Found 14th Jun 2017Edited by:"Templar_101"
Transfer your existing credit card balance for 20 months at 0%.

I know cards are available with longer interest free periods but I can't seem to find one with zero charges.

They gave me a generous 8k limit too

There is a better deal with the Halifax if the balance you want to transfer isn't a Halifax card.

29 Months with zero fee < credit to herby247 >


Sainsburys bank - 28 months no fee, no interest:…501
TSB - 28 months no fee, no interest:…MSE

Loads more over 20 months available too:…rds
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jh787't seem to edit op link.

Your link no longer / doesn't work.
Just tried it... It's working

Thanks Herby247.

The balance I need to transfer is with Halifax so it won't be available to me but it will help others no doubt.

Have added to the op but for some reason my edits go into moderation and never get applied.
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