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Barclaycard is the credit card arm of Barclays Bank, the UK’s second largest retail bank. Part of the international VISA network, Barclaycards are a great way to process payments at home and abroad, with a flexible range of packages for all customers. The company also offers plenty of introductory discounts and other savings, all of which can be found at the Barclaycard HotUKDeals listings. Read more

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Barclaycard Platinum travel card - no fees on spending or cash withdrawals overseas till August 2022,
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
The Barclaycard Platinum travel card has no fees on spending or cash withdrawals overseas till August 2022, giving a decent amount of certainty. And if you pay off your balance … Read more
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Not if you go into the bank. Over counter withdrawal is free and shown as a payment. So no charges from Halifax.


Like a Halifax clarity but with an expiry date


Use starling


I have been with Barclays all my life. And with Barclaycard since I was 16. I have a perfect credit rating. Never once ever defaulted with them. And constantly am written by them with letters saying "we have upped your amount on the card as you have been so good". But Barclays will not issue me this card in replacement to my standard visa credit card. I tried like crazy in 2014. And spoke to various managers of the call centres and fought like hell to get it and who would not budge saying I cannot have it. I did it again this year in June, and told the manager in the indian call centre to just close my account with them if I cannot have it as I was so sick. Thinking it would be a negotiating tactic. And he just upped and did it on the call. I therefore went to the store and spoke to the personal banker after my account was closed, who was also adamant I could not have this card and my account is now closed so need to wait 6 months at least to reactivate it. This is barclays customer service for you. So in the 4 months since this is cancelled I have got a Halifax, Post office, Sterling and Revolut free foreign currency credit cards and am not missing Barclays at all. Barclays are an awful company with dreadful customer service. And no customer loyalty at all inside of them. Being a perfect customer to them means nothing. So I woud say, go elsewhere with them.


Access to “too much” of the available credit might be negative factor as well, depending on individual case, when applying

Ends Friday - 0% Balance Transfer for 24 Months (NO fee) - 30 Months (0.55% fee) + £20 Barclaycard cashback @ Barclaycard
Refreshed 9th OctRefreshed 9th Oct
*Updated 9th October - offer ends Friday 12th* If you are looking to shift an outstanding balance from other credit cards to a 0% offer, you could get paid for a 2 year balance tr… Read more
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Can anyone explain please what this means when it says pay the balance over 19 months with no fees or interest from Is it 19 months or 24 months? See photo .


There are probably better option credit cards to boost your rating. Alternatively - this will also work.


Hi all. I need advice. I've never had a credit card. I need this for make my credit score better. Is it a good option ? Thsnx


Can I use this one just for shopping and pay it back each month without a fee ??? Or after 3 mo this I will be charged a monthly fee even if I use it just for shopping? Thank you


Good deal and appreciate the detail in the description OP!

Barclays platinum travel credit card. Near perfect exchange and Can withdraw cash abroad upto £500 a day (subject to your cash limit) and get till the statement date to pay it off. Also 12 months 0% apr interest free on purchases.
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Barclaycard Platinum travel credit card 0% interest on purchases for 12 months from the date you open your account No non-sterling transaction fees on your foreign spend and … Read more

Bit confused with this deal, specifically the time you have to pay off the balance OP states that "No non-sterling transaction fees on your foreign spend and ATM withdrawals until 31 August 2022 (4 years to go)" Then states "But if you can pay your balance off in full then this card wins every time! As it would be up to 56 days interest free! However that's only foreign currency withdrawals." Can someone please clarify? For example, if I was to withdraw $200 from at ATM in USA with this card, do I have 56 days to pay this off, or until 31/08/2022? Not sure where the 56 days came from, as can't see that in the t's and c's on their website


Good to know that. I assumed Visa and Mastercard were pretty much equally accepted everywhere


Worth having both this a Mastercard (I have what was originally an Abbey National, now Banco Santander Zero card) as not all cash machines the world over take both. Asia especially tends to favour Visa.


i have the Barclays card and love it, a normal simple card where i can take money out the ATM and not worry about it till after the holidays, like just using it at home, get good rates And never spend more than lot's, so that little difference i don't mind. when the year ends in four year's time i probably switch to clarity, but there's both good cards ,


No they are not. Check this out. Sure these peopke love revolut

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Barclaycard Travel Credit Card. 12 months interest free on purchases. Also NO fees worldwide and if you withdraw cash abroad you get until the statement date to pay it off! No need to worry about online banking
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Barclaycard Platinum travel credit card 0% interest on purchases for 12 months from the date you open your account No non-sterling transaction fees on your foreign spend and A… Read more

I agree! Too many people keep banging on about cash. Any application 'affects' credit score. It can go up and down. So what? As they say give people some information! Surely late and missed payments are what would 'affects' your score negatively. They might see that you have taken cash and might conclude that they don't want you but this card is designed to do exactly that. What happens if you take this out and then don't get any new credit cards and you already have a mortgage. The 'affect' in my crefit score i couldn't give a flying monkeys about! This is far better and cheaper than payday loans. However UK withdrawal is not cheap as you have the cash machine fee and pay interest straight away and at 27.9% The better card might be the creation as its only 12.9% apr on cash and spending and no fees worldwide and including the UK. Thats about 1% a month so for every £100 if you took two weeks to pay it off it eould cost you 50p. I don't agree with "person so desperate for cash he had to use a credit card" For a start tradesman don't always have the facility for credit cards. Izettle is changing that but before you had to have a metchant id etc... So cash withdrawal was good. Also if I need the basics in tesco, lidl, aldi etc... I can use the credit card for spending there and not cash. I agree it shows up different but there seems to be a hysteria about cash withdrawal on this site and its just plain nonsense


Nice!. :-)


Probably has to do with your income. Take your income with someone who is just breaking even every month, tries to apply for extra credit and the lenders see various cash withdrawals abroad. Mind you, why is he on holiday in first place but my point is still valid.


As long as you cover the minimum payment each month you can pay it off when you like providing you get the 0% offer. Mine took about 2 working days to come and the pin is given online so I could use it immediately.


I’ve used a Halifax Clarity card abroad for cash lots over the last 2 years, as well as using it every now and then in the uk. I also got one of theseBarclaycard travel cards for a trip to Whistler last month and again drew out plenty of cash on it during that trip. When you get the card you can get the Barclays app which shows your Experian score and mine was 999 which I believe is the best score you can get. That doesn’t fit with what you say.

Barclaycard offer 0% balance transfer for 22 months with a 0% fee  Offer ends 4 July 2018
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
Platinum 22 month balance transfer with a 0% fee Now you've received your offer it's easy to apply. Here's a reminder of what you'll get with your Barclaycard: 0% interest for 22 m… Read more
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Received a letter from Barclays that they are going to increase my credit limit but no offers of balance transfer for few months now.


Not on mine either, haven't had an offer for a long time now


No offer on mine either.


Lloyds same, new and existing customers


Looks like new customers only, no offers showing like that on either of my 2 Barclaycards :(

Barclaycard 27 month purchase and 27 month balance transfer offer @ Barclaycard
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
Plus £25 cashback until the 14th May. 0% interest on purchases for 27 months from the date you open your account 0% interest for 27 months on balance transfers made within 60 da… Read more

I suppose, I've never had a problem, so really can't comment.


Its the principal for me. There's no good reason for them to change their deal like that.


Wow, what a pile of pants! I won't waste my time then! I have to admit I had alarm bells at the 'A transfer fee of 3.5% will be applied to your account at first, but you'll only pay 1.45% as we'll refund the difference' bit. I mean, WTF is that all about?


Happy with mine. Can you apply for a second card? Not to transfer a BC balance, but from another company or do you share the original BC credit limit?


Just to suck in the buy now -pay sometime - maybe - generation - avoid :( :S

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Barclays offering £20 cashback off its balance transfer credit cards. There is a 25 month card that charges no fee so you can get £20 off your debt by transferring.
14/05/2018Expires on 14/05/2018LocalLocalFound 10th AprFound 10th Apr
This Barclaycard* offers 25 months with £20 back if you apply by 14 May and shift at least £1,000 within 60 days. So unless you need the extra months, this card is likely t… Read more

Voted cold as I like the Chanchi deal better. (y)


why cold? Am I missing something?


Thanks jimmy lad (y)


Not as irritating as you.


No .. You did not go there (cheeky)

Best credit card deals for October 2018 (see post for details)
Refreshed 13th OctRefreshed 13th Oct
*Credit card deals: Updated October 2018* This thread aims to give you the latest credit cards deals for new customers across both borrowing and spending. Whether you need to tra… Read more
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This is such a pointless, holier-than-thou statement...


While you might not like the commonly used phrase of cash back as a cover all. That doesn’t make it wrong, except in true definition of the words. Yes, cash back should be actual cash back to you. I assume you always refer to pounds and pence as such. Never using slang or other colloquialisms.


If amazon uses, “voucher for x amount f points used” why do you play the Einstein here and cal it Cashback


Cashback in relation to credit cards is commonly the term used for some form of remunerative reward. While strictly not cold hard cash. The reward style ‘cashback’ schemes offer better value.

Barclaycard travel credit card with 0% fees. 0% for 12 months on purchases and you can withdraw cash and spend fee free abroad and you get till the end of the statement date to pay it off! Ends 2022
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Our travel credit card could be the one for you. 0% interest on purchases for 12 months from the date you open your account No non-sterling transaction fees on your forei… Read more

First time I've known mastercard rate to be less than visa so its good to know they do beat them now and again.


Applied for this a few days ago, but haven't even got any email or heard anything. Anyone else experienced this? Also, I'm a student, but it didn't have that as an employment option, is that a problem?


Nope, completely separate with different numbers. I go to the US most years and I've never had any issues when using my card.


The 0% i believe is on all purchases and lasts 12 months. You didn't get that before and you only get the statement date with clarity. Meaning you could get this card for a new purchases here. Butbthen use it abroad. But like you in africa lots of people don't take cards and electricty is a problem so cash is king. Its all i need now is a card where you can withdraw cash wi no fees in the uk and abroad but can pay it off on the statement date. To date no card exists the closest is the saga card where if you withdraw cash you get to the statement date to pay it off. The downside is there is a cash machine fee of 2%. One day someone will offer it. Then i'll just have one and keep it


I've got a few trips lined up this year so this card sounds good for me. I always carry a lot of cash around on trips but I think I'd prefer now to use a card and withdraw what I need when I'm out there. It's still 0% on UK purchases right? I understand there's interest on withdrawing ££ cash but I' never use it for that anyway.

FREE Experian Credit Checks - Barclaycard customers
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Totally free Experian Credit Reference checks - no catches, no free deals for 28 days etc just a total free offer. Might help some people so decided to share.

No. They only do a soft search so it doesn't leave any kind of record. The Money Saving Expert one (and probably all others as well) give you a report monthly. I think the ones you pay for, you can request reports more frequently but the free ones send a new report monthly.


Viewing your own credit report can't damage your credit score!? Can it??


You might want to check that, Barclays are never at the top of the mortgage rate charts and there are plenty of better banks out there just for product ranges and value and that’s not even touching on their amazing award winning customer service, oh wait that’s never going to happen is it :( you you might also want to look into having a savings account linked to your mortgage, your accounts are offset so don’t have interest so technically they aren’t savings.


Barclay's offset mortgage is a good product. You can have lots of accounts, including savings accounts for children, and offset them all against your mortgage.


dang, i already requested the experian report via barclaycard so dont want to request it again as it may impact my score. Its all the same source and I already banked with barclaycard so lets see what they say ....

Barclaycard 27 months 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Update: Barclaycard has improved the Platinum card so it offers 27 months at 0% for both purchases and balance transfers. The Platinum card offers: 0% interest on purchases … Read more
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I'm searching for money transfer card and via Uswitch I found out that I might be eligible for Virgin 12 months 0,% money transfer card or 20 months 0% card. If I apply for the second one with longer interest free period (but bit higher transfer fee of 2.5% instead of 2%) does it mean that they will give me higher limit? Second question is - if I start my new permanent job on Monday - can I apply straight away or I need to wait (how long?) So that my application isn't rejected? Thank you for sharing your thoughts...


Cloud cuckoo land. Last time it happened the poor and hard working middle got poorer and rich are as rich as ever.


Not if it’s just one or two applications it won’t. It’s not recorded on your credit report that you’ve been declined.


The reason I did cancel my card was,lots of problem with direct debit payments(there is always available fund on my account),idiotic non understandable fees and charges,interest increases with no warnings given,increasing credit limit with not letting you know - causing higher fees again.They cheat where they can.


Open a missing cb claim, they should approve it shortly. Did the same with my barclaycard 3 years ago!

Barclays balance transfer card 37 months for 1.85% fee
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
0 % interest for 37 months on balance transfers from the date you open your account. Your 0% offer will start from the date you make your balance transfer. ( 1.4% fee applies ) … Read more

Living within your means suggests not buying anything unless all the money for what you want is accumulated. What do you think a mortgage is? CREDIT. If you want to rent a house off someone smarted than you until you've saved £200,000, go right ahead.


Don't think so....pretty sure it all needs to be in same person's name. Can your husband open an account like this? For anyone that votes cold really doesn't know how these things work and should just avoid rather than voting cold and writing inane speil. I opened an account like this with virgin recently and transferred £6k. I'm paying it off each month so by the time the 0% comes to an end in a couple of years the £6k 'debt' will have been completely paid off. That's great but what's greater is I have an extra £6k in capital I can use today to put towards a deposit on a house. These balance transfer deals are fantastic if you know how to use them, esp when fees are so low (or 0% in my case, though not 0% for as long as period as this card).


Can I transfer the balance from my Hubby's credit card if this one is on my name?


Pointless paying a fee 1.85% to get an extra 8m.. 29 months 0% balance transfer no fee at Halifax or 28m Sainsbury’s Can always get a new card near end I’ve heard nonsense that these offers will stop for the last 20 years but they haven’t.. only the term had changed


i got good credit rating, but as self employed find these hard to get? anyone had success in that situation? thanks

Get a £10 iTunes code when you spend £50 with Apple Pay With Barclaycard
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Just got the email, guessing it’s for most people with a Barclaycard.. Did you know that with Apple Pay you can wave goodbye to the £30 contactless limit? In fact, the only limit … Read more

Morrisons accepts any limit


The only way to no for sure is to do a card payment and see if the contactless symbol appears! Places I can think of which allow high value contactless payments: M&S, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Boots, Apple, Ikea, Euro Car Parts, Nando's, Pret, Lidl, Aldi, BP, Shell, Halfords.


is there anyway to find out which ones do?


Can anyone take up this offer? Barclaycard usually email me offers like this, but nothing this time.


I haven't had the email myself - do we need to opt in or does it apply to all customers?

Barclaycard Platinum Travel Credit Card 0% fees on spending and withdrawing cash abroad if you pay the balance in full
Found 21st Jul 2017Found 21st Jul 2017
The Barclaycard Platinum travel card has no fees on spending or cash withdrawals overseas till August 2022, giving a decent amount of certainty. And if you pay off your balance in… Read more

I always choose local currency to get the better exchange rate.


I have received mine 💳 today 8)


Can usually avoided by paying in local currency (not sterling).


Very good deal. This card really works.


I have this credit card and it’s great! I travel abroad regularly and I prefer to use cash. It’s a phenomenal credit card for cash withdrawals and tends to beat Halifax Clarity (which I also own) rates for cash withdrawals as Halifax charges interest on cash withdrawals! Would recommend

Barclaycard 0% Balance Transfer for 20 months  { 0% Fee }
Found 14th Jun 2017Found 14th Jun 2017
Transfer your existing credit card balance for 20 months at 0%. I know cards are available with longer interest free periods but I can't seem to find one with zero charges. They … Read more
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I'm sorry but this is fat better


Sainsburys bank - 28 months no fee, no interest: TSB - 28 months no fee, no interest:|112907909|286023636|0&so=283_MSM_MSE Loads more over 20 months available too:


Thanks Herby247. The balance I need to transfer is with Halifax so it won't be available to me but it will help others no doubt. Have added to the op but for some reason my edits go into moderation and never get applied.


29 months at the Halifax NO FEE


Just tried it... It's working Barclaycard

Barclaycard Platinum Travel Credit Card - no interest nor fees on purchases or cash withdrawals abroad until Aug 2022
LocalLocalFound 23rd May 2017Found 23rd May 2017
Credit MSE ***offer live from weds 24th may*** I've posted this before but now the deal end date has been extended Best way to spend abroad Visa exchange rates usually on par… Read more

I already have two Barclaycard accounts, but as the Supercard is coming to an end, I need a card for use abroad, so I wanted to apply for this. I used the eligibility checker on the Barclaycard site and was declined. I telephoned Barclaycard and asked if I could change one of my existing cards and the operator told me that wasn't possible, but I could just apply for another card as you could have three. I told him I had been declined by the eligibility checker, so he went away and came back to say the rules had changed and you could now only have two cards. He suggested I pay off one account and close it and then apply for one of these, err, no thanks. So my other half has just applied for one and been accepted and added me as additional card holder. What a faff!


Has anyone who already has a Barclaycard Platinum managed to get this?


I concur! I had Halifax clarity but switched to this for the cash offer


Interesting as I have a Nationwide VISa with no charge for purchases abroad but charges for cash. This seems a better card to have for going abroad


8) 8)

Barclaycard Platinum 25/25 Credit Card - 0% On Balance Transfers & Purchases + £25 cashback (Quidco)
Found 9th May 2017Found 9th May 2017
Enjoy 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers - 0% interest on purchases for 25 months from the date you open your account - 0% interest for 25 months on balance transfers m… Read more
Anon32 Higher cashback


How do these "dual" cards work? As in balance transfer AND purchases (_;) How would this scenario work out for me: I get the card, transfer £xx which I pay back in equal payments over 25 months until the debt is settled. Would I simultaneously be able to spend £xxx and pay the minimum off each month? I don't see how the transferred balance would be different from the purchases balance... I've also resorted to using two separate cards.


I'm waiting for money transfer offer to appear on my barclaycard initial as I always been using to get 0% money transfer to my bank account for 12 months. Unfortunately, nothing showing in my account at the moment. Does anyone know if they just randomly appear?


Has anyone got cashback off quidco lately? Topcashback, no problems, but quidco I haven't had anything since 2014 and there's a fair few purchases in there. Complaints to quidco fall on deaf ears


Thanks OP!

Barclaycard Platinum Travel Credit Card - no fees abroad, plus NO interest on cash withdrawals for 56 days
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
Absolutely no fees on foreign spending or cash withdrawals until August 2018 56 days interest free on purchases and cash withdrawals Arguably a better deal than Halifax clarity … Read more

It says I have an invalid postcode oO


Lovely product for wrecking your credit bureau score.


Exactly....if your statement is drawn the day after your transaction, you only get 30 days. "Maximum 56 days from date of transaction for new purchases and for non-sterling cash withdrawals if you pay your main balance and any monthly purchase plan payments (if you’ve taken out any purchase plans) in full and on time each month. "


The correct term is bees d*ck


Actually, seems like they charge interest on ATM withdrawals.

Every 11th trip (up to £15) on Uber is on Barclaycard
Found 10th Mar 2017Found 10th Mar 2017
Just got an email from Barclaycard. First 2 trips on Uber are free. Not sure if its a deal/heads up or Voucher. Never used Uber but handy if you are using it regularly. Use Barcl… Read more


32 rapes/sexual assaults in a year in London alone! Think this a big enough incentive NOT to take this offer up, good luck if you do, just don't come crying over spilt milk.


Haven't 4 people & a 1yr old child in Kensington died because of there un trained un professional drivers & to think this bank have no morals,sorry didn't saudi money bail them out as well as uber.


Uber= death trap.


Uber are unregulated and swerve every rule they can , they are banned and being banned all over the world I very doubt if people taking up this offer will survive to get their free ride , I ask you to check this Co out , look at social media their vehicles are crashing all over London , driving down one way streets the wrong way etc etc etc .

Barclaycard Balance Transfer 0% upto 32 months and low fee at 0.6% plus £20 cashback
Found 2nd Mar 2017Found 2nd Mar 2017
From mse This Barclaycard* card offers £20 cashback if you transfer at least £500 within 60 days, so is a decent option if you're sure you can clear it in 32 months. Need-to-know… Read more

Aww, new customers only?


Useful to bear in mind, thanks.


Just to let you know the first time you use it, it's free so might be worth it if you're going to apply for a card mortgage etc.... It really is good and you can cancel straight away and your last file will always be available!


It's the Experian file, available by joining the (free) credit club Between that and Clearscore you should be able to get enough of an idea to see where you are, free of charge (I know Experian are free for a month or whatever direct, but if you're like me you used that up years ago). Hence I've not used (and don't plan to use) any paid for services at this stage - but thanks for mentioning checkmyfile, might consider it in the future.


I use checkmyfile occasionally as they quote all credit agencies! It's actually a very comprehensive service and recommended if you apply for a mortgage! However the price used to be £8 but now its nearer £15 but you can keep the credit file to download as you do not need it every month! I think people are becoming a bit obsessed by this! Years ago it was hard to get a credit file! We must remember that any company does not have to lend to you! Just as in you do not have to buy a product! Whats the mse credit file like? Have you used it jules? Is it anywhere like checkmyfile and have you used checkmyfile? Let me know thank you