Barclays 7 yr fix mortgage @ 1.99% with £1500 fees for 60% ltv

Barclays 7 yr fix mortgage @ 1.99% with £1500 fees for 60% ltv

Found 14th Sep 2016
This looks a good deal considering some trackers out there are a higher rate. There is a hefty fee but if you have a big mortgage it may still work out better and you have peace of mind for 7 years re what your payments are.
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How is thsis going cold?!
Probably because its Barclays. They were downright idiotic when I asked them about getting a mortgage. Their current account has been ok for the last 20yrs though I have lost a few bargains due to them thinking It was a scammer.
Welcome to the next banking scandal. I can soon look forward to being woken when working night shifts with "were you charged extortionate fees for a mortgage?"
How can anyone justify fees as high as these?This is the next area banks are going to have to be regulated on, yet again they rip off those that were forced to bail them out not so long ago.

How is thsis going cold?!

I am currently on 2% on a let to buy deal before that it was .75 above base since I don't know when.
I've been looking to buy a house and the best I had found was 2.13% for 7 years at 70%ltv but the fees were about half that, I think it was £800.
Look at the low interest rate!...........hold on..............look at the wow! fees as well. Phew...they almost got me
If you are borrowing 300k which is a pretty small mortgage in the SE then 1500 fees spread over 7 years = f all.

If / when rates rise and you can start getting 3/4/5% on your savings whilst paying 2% on your mortgage you will be laughing literally all the way to the bank.

How is thsis going cold?!

Because people on HUKD fail to understand that the fees are negligible if you borrow a larger amount.
Hot from me.
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