Barclays new cash back rewards credit card

Barclays new cash back rewards credit card

Found 25th Jan 2010
Just spotted this article in Times online. Could be of interest to people…ece
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any more info on this card as I want the exacts of what they are offering eg can you collect airmiles?
checked on b/clays website and theres nothing on there -
their premiere account is v good as it gives lots of extras for 25 / month , so this might also be worth the while
can you post link to article?
Try this link to ]TimesOnline.

Not sure why people would be voting cold, surelyy there was insignificant evidence to make an informed decision on that?
From what I can tell, it's simply a rewards programme rather than a specific credit card. The rewards programme is available with most (but not all) existing Barclaycards.
Have some heat from me, at least I know about the scheme now which I didn't before.
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