bargain.  Action Films for 5.99  delivered @ play

bargain. Action Films for 5.99 delivered @ play

Found 9th Mar 2010
10 Severe action films on 3 discs!


Set in the year 2004 where time travel is a reality and a new breed of crime has emerged. It is now possible to alter history and the Time Enforcement Commission has ruled that no-one goes back in time. But someone has broken the rule and Timecop Max Walker must prevent a change in history - and prevent the murder of his wife...

Without Evidence

While working late one night, an ambitious and high-ranking state official is brutally assasinated. The entire community is stunned by the murder of this popular politician. The Police are quick to attribute the murder to a burglary gone wrong. His family are told to stop asking questions. Important evidence is censored and ignored. Festering under the surface is evidence that points to a chilling conspiracy at the highest level of both the government and Police department...

Crime Spree

An out-of-town heist becomes a nightmare for a crew of French burglars when they mistakenly rob the head of the Chicago Mafia.


A fast-rising, hi-tech executive must protect his career and family from the ruthless tactics of a homicidal corporate headhunter.

Shadow of Fear

Harrison French is faced with losing everything when a big money deal collapses. And things are about to get worse. At night, on a deserted highway, his car hits and kills a man. Desperate to avoid more trouble, French hides the body before fleeing the scene of the incident. Suddenly his life is spiralling out of control. So, when a rich and influential businessman offers to solve his problems, French gladly accepts...

Gun Crazy

'Gun Crazy' combines the spirit and dark humour of 'Thelma and Louise' with the dramatic action of 'Bonnie and Clyde' to create a stylish and compelling thriller. This explosive love story features a top class cast. Anita is a white trash teenager trapped in the boredom and misery of a small rural town, who becomes infatuated with a very strange penpal...

Hard Cash

Thomas Taylor (Christian Slater) is finally out on parole. He returns to his girlfriend and daughter and gets a "legit" job at a betting parlor... or so it seems.


The hand is quicker than the eye in LA's underground gambling scene, hustlers getting hustled and fortunes ride on every deal. Three small time grifters devise a plan to beat the ultimate card mechanic-The Dean. But a seat at The Dean's table doesn't come cheap...


When a group of U.S. Rangers save McBain from execution during the Vietnam War he vows to repay them. Years later, when his saviour Santos is killed on a mission to reclaim Colombia for its people, he finds himself called into action and regroups his army platoon to lead Santos rebel army...

Ground Control

When stormy weather and failing equipment put a flight in danger, Jack Harris, a retired air traffic controller, still haunted by a past plane crash, mst band together with a cocky young controller and his seasoned supervisor to prevent a fresh disaster.


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10 of the worst films ever?

10 movies on 3 discs = Xvid quality (very compressed download quality).

Timecop & Ground Control are decent as for the rest....

seems like a canny deal, no idea what the movies are like though

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the movies are ok. couplpe of quality ones. but the rest, well not much to say lol.
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