BARGAIN!!! Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Xbox360) @ Choices UK

BARGAIN!!! Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Xbox360) @ Choices UK

Found 3rd Feb 2011
Includes Delivery!!!!

"You can trust DICE to provide an engaging multiplayer battle experience. After successful operations in Battlefield: Bad Company and the digitally distributed Battlefield 1943, it's time to deploy once more in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. In the action-packed sequel, you join the 'B' company as it gets itself into another sticky situation in enemy territory. You need to fight your way through snowy mountain peaks, thick jungles and dusty desert villages. Anything that opposes your mission has to be taken down at all costs. It sounds like a challenging mission - and it is, but it's made all the more simple with your huge arsenal and military equipment. Access to a slew of different vehicles means you can cross any kind of terrain to complete your objectives.



Yeah out of stock, shame.

Was in stock this morning at around 10am.

This is the only shooter on the consoles at the mo'
If you got some pals with this, and your a 4 man squad, its not only fun, its AWESOME!

3 left if your quick

The only real console fps game. Actually requires SKILL, and a great amount of teamwork to succeed.

Not the best experience though, PC will always be better, the vietnam contest to unlock the extra map proved that.

So much better the call of duty.
Battlefield series has been years ahead of the modern warfare games.
Only good call of duty was the first one.
Voted hot.

teh arn

Only good call of duty was the first one.

Funny guy

Just placed an order. Funny thing was, the stock level raised from 3 to 5 during the process. Are people changing their minds and not completing their order?
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