Bargain hot stone massage for £17!! @ Groupon

Bargain hot stone massage for £17!! @ Groupon

Found 13th Feb 2014
I paid £68 for this a few weeks ago! Gonna go back again, such a bargain, this time gonna go with the mrs, it was so relaxing, I fell asleep and felt so refreshed and relaxed afterwards after a long hard days graft at work.

I highly recommend these guys! See u soon team Acuspa!


£68 is a silly amount to pay for this but £17 is a bit of a bargain. Shame its just for Manchester.
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You paid £68?! These deals are always around but to pay the rrp is just insane!

£68 X)

IDF get this on a daily basis for free.

Go to your local beauty college, lots of discounted treatments, last time L3 students did this for £10 and even had local deals for Groupon for £15. You were ripped off!

or shoot down to the nearest beach, grab sum pebbles n pop em in n the microwave and bobs ur uncle!!! lol ;-)

U felt relaxed cause u paid £68.

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Lol I thought £68 was a good price, I've paid £75 before and thought it was ok, but £17 is an absolute bargain! I was highly recommended to go here and I guess you got to experience it for yourselves to actually know how good it is

I'll do it for a tenner

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How much are the extras?

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What extras do u want?


What extras do u want?

You know what he means don't you... Where you'd slip in some extra cash and... Yeah.

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No happy ending there I'm afraid! Lol
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