Bargain On Dunlop Trainers - From £12 @ Sports Direct

Bargain On Dunlop Trainers - From £12 @ Sports Direct

Found 10th Apr 2011
Sports Direct
Dunlop trainers
From £12 Various Designs


I'm not going to vote as it is based on price but these all look utterly horrendous!

Some odd looking, but some classic/retro styles too. Voted hot - good price.

Sorry but i wouldn't walk around in a pair of Dunlops if i was paid to - lmfao


I hate this retro bs going on fo rthe last few years where kids born in the 80's think dunlop and gola was the 'ish back in the 80's...

trust me dunlop green flash were pe shoes end of story...gola would have got your ass kicked out of school...they were hated by everyone...check out any of the movies from the time like beat street, breakdance, wild style and you will see the spawn of the trainer thing was down to hip hop in the 80's and the choices were nike , adidas, puma...end of story.
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