Bargain toys!

Bargain toys!

Found 6th Oct 2006
This is my first "deal" so bare with me.

Just popped to the toys r us website and theres many things halfprice etc

And the dreaded xmas is just round the corner

Sorry if this has already been posted i couldnt find it


Thanks Joshanna.

I added a logo to your post :thumbsup:

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Thanks, i havent a clue what im doing LOL!

But still having a good luck round, theres some really good deals actually

Hmmm how come it isnt on the main page?

It only gets to the FP when it gets above a certain temperature, due to members hot votes.

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Ok thanks


Thanks Joshanna, you done well on your first 'deal' post :thumbsup:

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:oops: Thanks

I seee the rating is also going up too

Has anyone bought anything yet?:giggle:

I bought the magnetix box, the dolls house and the lego heavy loader this morning - all were half price! Also they are doing 3 for 2 on "Universe of imagination" stuff (which includes the dolls house)so got 2 more pressis (effectively one free) for other children too.

The dolls house i thoughtwas an exceptional bargain - Huge 4 storey house and 100 pieces of furniture and doll family for only £49.99 (was £99.99!)

Link to the dolls house is…855

Helen xxx

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Aww thats nice
I would have loved one of them when i was little.
Ok who am i kidding, id love one now!


so bare with me

I thought this was a family site!

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:oops: :giggle:
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