Bargain Tuesdays (similar to cineworld deal) - £4.40 @ Odeon Cinemas - Metro *NationWide*?

Bargain Tuesdays (similar to cineworld deal) - £4.40 @ Odeon Cinemas - Metro *NationWide*?

LocalFound 18th Jun 2012
I was at the cinemas the other day at the MetroCentre in newcastle, and we found that the pricing for tuesdays was only 4.40 for any ticket. (excluding family, combos etc.).

Then I saw how popular the Cineworld deal became, I decided that this would be an equally as good of a deal, if you have a Odeon near you rather than a Cineworld :']

Can somebody please confirm nationwide?

NOTE: This is not "fan film tuesday"
NOTE: The pricing at the Metrocentre starts at about £7 per ticket. :]
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Are you sure it's store specific? I was hoping it was nationwide on popular stores. I know the one local to me, Darlington, doesnt do it, but their prices are a slight amount cheaper anyhow.
just checked Cardiff and its £4.80 for 2D and £8.80 for IMAX 3D. Bargain.
Yup, its been at this price a while, think they did it to compete with Saver Tuesdays that the Empire at the Gate Newcastle do, which is also around £4 odd a ticket.
Happy days!
;] 3D was extra, clearly, it's a gold mine for them peepz. (Anybody tried imax 3d compared to how it used to be red/blue cardboard?) I'm curious, since that's the last 3D film I saw, some Aquaboy film as a kid with cardboard glasses lol.
It's valid in some London cinemas, Greenwich and Surrey Quays that I know of, where it's £5.50 instead of £4.40
Even cheaper if you're an Odeon Premiere member (which costs £2/year) with 25% off, so that can be as cheap as £4.12!
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