Bargain XBOX 360 games, Ridge Racer 6 £14.95 & Dead or Alive 4 £19.95

Bargain XBOX 360 games, Ridge Racer 6 £14.95 & Dead or Alive 4 £19.95


Good price for RR6. I've just bought my 360, and have PGR3 on the way. Any point in getting RR6 as well?

I see Perfect Dark Zero is also £19.99 on this site.

I prefer my NFS most wanted and am eagerly awaiting delivery of NFS Carbon.

Would recommend those 2 over this, however this is a good game

Id say its worth £15 for RR6 its not brilliant but it is a good game and plays differently to Project gotham there used to be a demo on xbox live so have a look if you have your 360 online :thumbsup:

I wasnt too impressed with Perfect dark i found the Singleplayer boring Imo the online side was ok but theres been loads other good Fps games released so id get something else myself.

In my opinion...

PGR is too techinical
NFSMW is really good fun and there is more to it than just being the fastest across the finish line
RR6 is totally different to PGR, is completely arcade, and is all about drifting around corners. You won't find many similarities between PGR and RR6 aside from the fact that they're both racing games - if you like racing you have 2 totally different scenarios here.

So, in short, definitely get PGR and RR6 together. I also have NFSMW because I love racing games!

I paid 30 squid for RR6 and it was worth it. Definitely worth 15.

I paid 40 squid for PGR and after about 50 hours of play I wasn't getting along with it and sold it.

I paid 40 squid for NFSMW and played it through right to the end (over 100 hours I reckon) and would recommend this game the most of the three racing games mentioned here.

also DOA is definitely worth 20 quid - the graphics are awesome and it's a fun little game I don't take too seriously
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