Barnyard DVD £2.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco

Barnyard DVD £2.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco

Found 14th Jun 2009Made hot 14th Jun 2009
The Original Party Animals!

Moo-ve over, all you are the original party animals - the critters of Barnyard!

This laugh-filled, tuneful animated adventure stars Otis (voiced by Kevin James), a carefree party cow. To the consternation of his respected father Ben (voiced by Sam Elliott), Otis is happy to spend his days singing, dancing and playing tricks on humans. But all good things must come to an end, and when Otis is suddenly forced into his father's position of responsibility, the animal antics multiply as he struggles to find the courage and talent to be a true leader.

Wild, wacky and "udderly" hilarious, here's a herd of animated pranksters that'll keep you laughing out loud!


great movie for the kids they love it , they call it the "funny cow" movie

If your kids dont have this buy it, adults will love it too! 2.99 its a steal. Voted hot

Voted Hot. Another DVD for the childrens library. Thanks!

I seen this film a few months a go and thought it was very good apart from one small detail.......if I'm not mistaken isn't "Otis" supposed to be male? if so why has he got udders? :-D
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