Barnyard - Nintendo Wii - £17.99 @ play.com
Barnyard - Nintendo Wii - £17.99 @ play.com

Barnyard - Nintendo Wii - £17.99 @ play.com

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In a nutshell: Finally a game to prove that not every movie tie-in has to be rubbish! You enter the world of Banyard as the new cow on the block and explore the world from the movie, meet its characters and see off the lowly coyotes and racoons.

The lowdown: Most movie tie-ins, particularly kids films, have a reputation for being quick, cynical cash-ins. Barnyard though is different in that instead of just creating a series of levels based on action scenes from the movie, it provides a whole living game world for you to explore. Although there are a set of story missions to follow, for most of the time you can just chat to the animals from the movie and help them out with various tasks and mini-games. These games range from controlling Peck the chicken in his latest attempt to fly, to seeing off racoons with a squirt of cow milk. The graphics are really good too, which is another change from the norm.

Most exciting moment: The best bit of the game is the huge freedom you have to just wander around and do your own thing, with a large world to explore, including two separate farms. There are various vehicles you can use to get around and doing tricks with the cow biker gang is great fun.

Since you ask: As well as the more complex missions and mini-games theres also a set of much simpler games that you can play at any time, such as Wack-a-Racoon, darts and pool. A win gives you a new high score and more gopher bucks to spend.

The bottom line: One of the best kids movie games around.- HARRISON DENT

Manufacturer's Description: Enter the world of Nickelodeon's newest adventure and bring the Barnyard movie to life! Battle the coyote invaders, tee up for a game of golf, target the bulls-eye with your flying chicken and race downhill on your speedy bike. Explore a fully interactive, 3D world and prove you have what it takes to be the biggest party animal of them all. Experience the humour and adventure of the hilarious Barnyard movie!


Why is this being voted cold? Seems a great price for this and will keep my kids ammused for a few hours

Thanks for the find Carley

One reason may be it has already been posted.


Thanks for pointing that Col

Good to have a separate post ...

i'll make it hot again, at least if you vote it cold leave a reason, things like this could stop people posting deals

Wasn't me voting cold btw :thumbsup:


Wasn't me voting cold btw :thumbsup:

LOL... didnt mean you :w00t:

Good price. I've added the price and the retailer name to the thread title :-D

It maby cheap, but dont expect the game to be any good.


Thanks Carley and welcome to Hukd's Loved the film!


Why is this being voted cold? Seems a great price for this and will keep … Why is this being voted cold? Seems a great price for this and will keep my kids ammused for a few hours :)Thanks for the find Carley

Just ‘cause it has nice animals on it and it is a bit cheap does not mean kids will automatically like it. I don’t have kids of my own but if I ever buy game for my young cousins I always try and buy them something of quality!

I am a huge gamer myself though so that probably influences my decision never to buy a bad title just cause it save on a few bucks.

How many here saying its a poor game have actually played it on the WII?. or are just basing it on the cheap price,

Its actually a good family game and at an excellent price.

I think we will see a lot more games dropping to this kind of price level now that the WII has been cracked to play copied games! Nintendo can keep the public buying originals by setting a decent price point and not just following the consoles that sell at £39.99 just to recoup the losses they make on the consoles they sell.
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