Unfortunately, this deal has expired 31 January 2023.
Posted 28 January 2023

Barracuda Colorado Mountain Bike 17.5" Frame 27.5 Hard-Tail Bike Medium or Large. £179.98 delivered with code @ moorelargeoutlet / ebay

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Good price as next cheapest is £350 Costco/£400 decathlon.
Bargain for under £200 if using code "SPECIAL20".
Ok it's not top spec but good for someone new to mountain biking, reasonable and branded components.
2 sizes available 17.5 (m) or 19.5 (l).
Frame style: Alloy Hardtail MTB Frame
Front brake: Tektro mechanical Disc Brake
Rear brake: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake
Gears: Shimano Altus 24-speed
Shifters: Shimano Altus EZ Fire Shifters
Rims: 27.5” Alloy Rims
Tyres: 27.5” x 2.10” Kenda MTB Specific
Fork: Suntour XCE Alloy Suspension Fork
Saddle: Padded MTB Sport Saddle
Other / Extra: A-Head System Stem 1/8” – 100mm
Colour: Orange / Cyan
eBay More details at eBay

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  1. grinnaslee's avatar
    Which inch frame for a 5ft 11 man with 32 inch leg?
    infiniti's avatar
    I would say the medium, I'm 5"11 and 32", but it's also down to reach as well but it's cheap and easy to add a larger/smaller stem.
  2. wyx087's avatar
    What would be a good E-bike conversion kit to go with this?
    Too lazy to cycle with my kid
    Cro_Baron's avatar
    Tongsheng TSDZ2 for £260 and I used two 18V makita drill batteries wired in series to make 36v and they fit snug in two water bottle cages.
  3. OccasionalDeals's avatar
    Great deal, even at £225 before the discount code. Perfectly serviceable set of entry level components, no obvious corners have been cut and no silly full suspension (which at this price point doesn't work). Way way way better than a lot of the bike shaped objects that appear on HUKD in the £120-150 range.
    bOoMbAsTiC's avatar
    U appear to be a guy in the know. Can u please point out any major differences in specs when comparing this bike with the one in the link below, that comes in at £160 with code?

    Link below...
  4. grinnaslee's avatar
    Would this be OK for the road also. I. E. Hybrid
    infiniti's avatar
    Bit heavy for road use but would depend on distances etc, don't think these forks will have lockout.
  5. fatfingers73's avatar
    Mine arrived today, and the left fork has a big hole at the top.

    Is that normal :/
    49453622-EC9jL.jpg (edited)
    bhaskarnu's avatar
    That should have a cap like the other side. Looks defective.
  6. infiniti's avatar
    For comparison the Carrera valour from Halfords has near identical spec and is £335
    bonzobanana's avatar
    The Carrera Valour is definitely to be avoided. It's not much cheaper than the next bike up in the range but only has a freewheel and V brakes. Absolutely awful option. The only thing I can say in its favour is you will almost definitley get the basic but usable Suntour XCE fork where as on this Barracuda the images show a more basic fork even if the text says differently.
  7. drjat's avatar
    Bought 17.5 Frame for my 10yr old son. Looking for some suggestions on
    1. Mudguards
    2. Bike stand
    3. Other recommended accessories
    Will appreciate your help please. Thanks
    infiniti's avatar
    Lots of protective clothing and a helmet, if your 10 year old son is smaller than 5”6 I'd say it's dangerous putting him on a bike this size.
    Don't forget a groin guard cause if he slips from that saddle he'll need it
  8. ImGroot's avatar
    Thanks @infiniti for the post and @Konrad_Newton for the details.

    Was not a fan of orange and was thinking of Montana. Konrads explanation made sense. Ordered Colorado.
  9. Besford's avatar
    Looks like a great deal if it's the right type of bike for you but I'm very wary of the retailer after a lot of people had problems with them on an earlier posting.
  10. mike279's avatar
    Anyone have an opinion on this. £120 delivered with code: ebay.co.uk/itm…490

    I'm after the best cheapest bike I can get so I can go out with the kids. Not really off or on road, just cycle paths and the woods etc. Need something but really don't want to pay much, but don't want heavy/poor quality/bad spec basically I'm looking for the holy grail.
    Bertz99's avatar
    awful (and do hope you are just having a laugh but for completeness below)

    exactly the sort of thing to try and avoid - the fake full suss with spring in middle is style over substance and compromised on all fronts

    One of the apprentices at work bought one of these before joining as apprentice (didn't know better) and thought it was good - then his missus bike got stolen and he asked my thoughts on a replacement as limited budget and knew I had a few bikes. He could not believe what I found him second hand at half the price he paid for this for his missus (lighter, faster, better spec, easier to ride) so came back and asked me to find something for himself too - got him an even better bargain (although after work serviced with him to replace cables) and then the thing like this, that I had managed to avoid telling him I thought was junk until he knew better, he sold for £40 costing him less that £50 to upgrade including the service parts - a little older but a £700 bike when released.

    The holy grail to being cheap, easily maintainable and going to last is to keep it simple - your description I would forget suspension entirely fat knobbly tyres will be sufficient to those requirements. Also there are a lot of people that go via the brands than bikes - something that will often be cheap and well made on second hand market is like the pinnacle's (Evans own brand and second hand you will be looking at prior to Mike Ashley's ownership) such as a lithuim (not all models equal) (edited)
  11. thecrater's avatar
    Is it possible to fit a pannier rack to the Barracuda Colorado bike? I can't tell if it's got eyelets for fitting the rack.

    I am interested in buying this but I need to install mudguards and a pannier rack with a view to adding a child seat for short journeys with the little one.
    Bertz99's avatar
    Can't see any eyelets (costco has better pics) but you can get panniers that clamp to the frame (drop tube and a frame)

    Also on child seats I would go for the one on the centre tube in front of you when very young and as soon as they out grow that a trailer bike that they can join in peddling. I still remember my youngest giggling her socks off on a trailer bike and not needing to ring my bell on bridges on the canal as everyone could hear her a mile away shouting all the animals she could see and making their noises - could also feel her helping on pushing up inclines. (edited)
  12. grinnaslee's avatar
    Will this be similar to a hybrid bike. Can be riden on the road?
    BraddersJ's avatar
    Already answered above bud
  13. thecrater's avatar
    If anyone owns this already and has installed full size mudguards, please let me know what type/brand.

    I thought that there was a standard at least for things such as mudguards and pannier racks etc. It's such a minefield.
    drjat's avatar
    Ledeak Bike Mudguard Set, Portable Adjustable Road Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Tires Front and Rear Mud Guard Fenders for MTB Mountain Road Bike amzn.eu/d/e…pUL

    I am also looking for mudguards - Would these be able to fit this bike?
  14. macD78's avatar
    Seems to be a good deal, bought my nephew a bike from these guys the last time I saw a listing on here. Took it for a ride after I fixed the pedals etc & was pleasantly surprised. His mum's %%** because when he's not riding it it's in the living room... (edited)
  15. Beast72872's avatar
    Is it better for me to fix my broken Carrera Vulcan which has been broken and been rusting for 3 years or should I buy this bike?
    rrr99gp's avatar
    Depends how much time you have on your hands. That bike will need a complete strip down and clean. Probably a few replacement items. How much is your time worth to you, is the question you should be asking.
  16. mountaincow's avatar
    19.5" now out of stock 😩
  17. bhaskarnu's avatar
    Bike got delivered couple of hours ago and just assembled it. Looking for Mudguards and bike stand for this. Any suggestions.
    abhafeezpk's avatar
    Great. Is it brand new ? as on listing it says it could be returned one albeit described as New. Also how heavy is it ? i bought it to use as road bike for couple of miles daily commute and shopping here and there. There is conflicting information online, some websites mention 19kg whilst Amazon mentioned 16 kg.

    Also does the suspension fork has the hole for mudguard. Some websites says it has Zoom fork whilst others mention as Suntour. Thanks
  18. Jimi_Ling's avatar
    bhaskarnu's avatar
    Did the seller honour your request?
  19. ara02's avatar
    mine arrived, and they send the wrong size so its too small, but there were a few bits loose at the bottom of the cardboard box including a round black cap.... so that explains where its from. waiting from them to arrange a return. package was open at the top when delivered as the staples had come loose. surprised there was no bubble wrap to protect the bike.
    bonzobanana's avatar
    These sort of issues cost the firm a lot of money dealing with returns. They definitely seem very poor at organising themselves and packaging bikes. Sounds like a very inefficient company.
  20. drjat's avatar
    Quick Question - will I need bike grease and/or other lubricant products to assemble this bike? (is it recommended and if yes, then suggestions please on what to get). Really appreciate your help. Thanks
    bonzobanana's avatar
    It really depends on the assembly at the factory, some are very minimal with grease and some are ok. This being a cheaper bike typically they can be a bit light on grease. A standard lithium grease is fine like this;


    For a standard light general purpose oil, poundland use to do a small pot for a £1 not sure if they still do but you may already have some general purpose oil around your house.

    Lots of general household products you can use and of course there are expensive products marketed by bike companies like muck off.
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