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Posted 6 September 2022

Refurbished Barracuda Rock Mountain Bike - 27.5" Wheels & 18" £149.97 / £142.47 Selected Accounts With Code @ eBay / moorelargeoutlet

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Add the voucher code to take the price down to £142.47.

I bought this bike when it was £169.99 , it's a decent enough bike for the money & came in really good condition.

Info added by @Yasmin26

▫️Barracuda Men's Alloy Hardtail MTB Frame with Front Suspension
▫️27.5" Disc Brake Wheels
▫️21 Speed (Altus Groupset - 3 x 7)
▫️Available in 18" in White.

Saddle: Padded MTB Saddle.

This versatile all-terrain bike is a great choice entry level and accomplished riders alike.
The Rock Hard-Tail Bike from Barracuda is designed and built for a perfect ride; ideal for cross country and trail riding. It has a confidence-building combination of 21-speed Shimano gears, disc brakes, 100mm suspension and fat tyres, making your rides efficient, faster on climbs and smooth on trails. The perfect all-rounder bike, especially for beginners and for riding on fairly easy terrain.

Age range: (14+ years).
Frame style: Alloy Hardtail MTB frame.
Frame size: 18".
Brakes (front and back): Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake.
Gears: Shimano Altus 21-Speed.
Shifters: Shimano Altus Shifters.
Rims: 27.5" Alloy Rims.
Tyres: 27.5" x 2.10" MTB Specific.
Fork: Suntour Alloy Suspension Fork.
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    Those that aren't that enthusiastic about this deal, could you advise what the failure points are that scare you off?

    What would you suggest for similar money?

    My use is likely mostly on road with a little use through parks
    It'll be fine for the price (assuming you can set it up properly) though it'll be unnecessarily heavy for your purposes - you really don't need those cheap suspension forks which will just add weight and absorb your effort without providing any real advantage.

    It has some better than bottom spec components on it.

    If you get a good one (MooreLargeOutlet has history!) it'll be good value and better than many at this price point as long as your expectations aren't too high. (edited)
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    This is mountain bike style rather than actual mountain bike admittedly though it does look like a mountain bike but there is no chain retention and it has a weak freewheel based drivetrain not designed for off-road use. A huge amount of people like mountain bikes but never take them properly off-road so you can't argue with the value if you want something half-decent that looks like a mountain bike.
    Yes totally, no one is going to use this as a proper mountain bike unless they are a bit kooky!?
    I'd buy it as a cheap local run around to my main bike & without fearing too much that it might get stolen.
  3. Avatar
    Can't find any sizing info. Normally I'd go for smaller frame than 18" but other Barracuda bikes seem to run small. Min height/ inside leg for this one pls? Ta.
    They come up very big with 27.5wheels
  4. Avatar
    Would this be okay for someone who's 6ft?
    Don't think so. My lad is around 5'3" (but growing) and it should just about do him. Reckon for 6ft a large frame would be needed.
  5. Avatar
    Gotta say the quality of the bike is really good. not too heavy and easy to pick up etc etc.
  6. Avatar
    What's refurbished about it?
    Blood removed
  7. Avatar
    Could make a good winter bike/ pub bike. It's cheap and has disc brakes. I really wished they'd just stuck a steel fork on it and called it a day. As with all Internet bikes put £50 aside to have your local bike mechanic dial it in. Indexing gears, tweaking disc breaks are a PITA and better left to the pros. Maybe even grease the wheel hubs and bottom bracket while your there. (You need the right tools).
    You can do all this yourself if mechanically competent. It's not super hard to service a bike if you are a more practical person. If you aren't you may be better off buying a bike from Halfords or Decathlon who will set it up for you.
  8. Avatar
    This is.... fine.
  9. Avatar
    Extreme value for money. Heat if your looking for a v cheap bike.
    Although don't expect it to live for long. I'd recommend upping your budget significantly if your going to avoid it being landfill in few years.
    Just bought a used one to replace my old dawes I stupidly got rid of. This is a yank bike but it is great quality and feels a real class act. Best £100 I paid in months, and he only asked for £90!! Came with rockshox too You may want to get a few decent upgrades but the bikes make it well worthwhile. Unlike the usual dross thats sold cheap. (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Link to Go Outdoors listing at £280 (claimed down from £380), £290 at Millets:


    Note they list as having Microshift not Shimano gears. Possibly the MooreLarge one is last year's model (not a problem)? (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Not bad for the price. Not for mtb trails but should be ok for roads, towpaths etc
  12. Avatar
  13. Avatar
    Looks half decent for price
    Keyword: half
  14. Avatar
    I can only guess it's probably had brake and gear adjustments, maybe at a push new cables and cleaned to within an inch of its life lol
    No way!
  15. Avatar
    If you ignore the cheap forks, tyres and brakes the frame has inner cable guide tubing and looks ok not the newest of the frame geometry, but half decent bike for some less serious enthusiastic rider that wants to give a bike a go on some very light trails and paths.
  16. Avatar
    Looks like the bikes they sell (or sold previously) at Costco.
    Very possibly: ML are a very big bike wholesaler and 'managed' the Aldi folding bike deal last year, then cleared returns through ebay (I got a good one but there were MANY complaints on here and ML Outlet not great to deal with.
  17. Avatar
    Thanks OP. Bought one for my son as he had his nicked a couple of weeks ago leaving him with a two mile walk to school, so he'll be grateful for a replacement.
  18. Avatar
    I thinking to buy to commute to work. Would this be any good? Is this heavy?
    Typically a hybrid would be better but largely depends on the nature of your commute. If mostly offroad, maybe.
  19. Avatar
    How many kilograms is the bike?
  20. Avatar
    I bought one of these from costco last summer and only used it once - been in garage ever since happy to sell at a similar price if anyone is interested
    Whereabouts are you please? Pm me if you don't want to say here in public, cheers
  21. Avatar
    Great deal
  22. Avatar
    Still available
  23. Avatar
    Need Advice:
    I am able to get Decathlon Riverside 900 for similar price. should i go for this or decathlon instead ?

    Decathlon link (edited)
    The Decathlon Riverside 900 for sure
    Is that deal online / local to you?
  24. Avatar
    Refurbed. The forks were bent after a small jump but now they are straightened
    They straightened on their own?
  25. Avatar
    Heat from me, for what it is and the price it is. It could be really good for the right person.

    Ty op +1
  26. Avatar
    Saw this in Costco today for £281 inc VAT
  27. Avatar
    Code no longer works but it's still a good deal.
  28. Avatar
    Too small for 6ft'er ?
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