Barratt Liquorice Novelties 270g
Massive box £2.99  *INSTORE* @B&M

Barratt Liquorice Novelties 270g Massive box £2.99 *INSTORE* @B&M

Found 26th Aug 2016
Great price for Liquorice lovers! I can't find this for less then a fiver (£5 in Boyes store) and usually around £6 - £7 most places
Dated April 2017
found in B&M Redcar
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The box is massive!
Bought a box for a present and it took some wrapping!
Cheap laxatives! Heat added
good find op,n heat added
I almost brought this from the cadburys outlet for £6 and later that day i found them in BnM for £2.99. Heat added
Must get some
So we know you know how to find a bargain. It's a shame you don't know the meaning of massive. Good find.
Nice sweets, they seem to have quite a few american ones available, but I think some people would dispute it as being 'massive' - especially my Mrs!
Anywhere else sell these cheap and near this price? really love licorice especially hard stuff.
Got some in Willerby. Thanks OP
270g is hardly a massive box
Stocked in the Birkenhead store too. Good sized box, will make a nice gift for a liquorice fan!
Good find, Col!
I'm no expert but got some bought for me and they'd left the price in, £7.99 in fenwicks. Bought some when I saw them in b&m and taste totally different despite date being fine. If you like hard liquorice then b&m are soft... #waitscomments;)
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